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Safeguarding our students and staff is paramount at The Academy. Our safeguarding team work tirelessly to ensure that we support all our stakeholders in the best possible way. Each student is assigned a Form Tutor, who they see at the start of each day. Our pastoral team are on hand to deal with any issues that may occur throughout the day.

The Safeguarding Team

Assistant Headteacher & Designated Safeguarding Lead
Deputy Headteacher & Deputy Safeguarding Lead
Head of Student Support & Deputy Safeguarding Lead

We have lots of advice and links which may help you to find the information you need.  Please explore by clicking the links below.

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Child Safety

Mental Health Recourses

Parent Guidance and Resources

Support for Parents

Safeguarding Policy

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If you have any concerns or worries regarding yourself or other’s emotional or physical well being, please contact us via We will ensure that you receive a reply within 24 hours.

Peer on Peer Abuse

Peer-on-peer abuse can take various forms and include serious bullying, relationship abuse, domestic violence, child sexual exploitation, harmful sexual behaviour, and/or gender based violence. 

If you feel that you need to speak to someone about any of these issues please contact a member of the safeguarding team in school on can also click on the buttons below:


Press this if you are worried and feel unsafe.  Press this if you want to talk to a child safety officer.


Press this if you are being or feel like you are being bullied, in or out of the academy or online.

Child Safety

Contact Us

If you have a concern regarding the safety of a child please do not hesitate to get in touch with The Oaks Academy.  Any information shared will be treated with the upmost confidentiality and actioned appropriately.


The NSPCC is the UK’s leading children’s charity. They have been looking out for children’s safety for over 130 years.  Their website is full useful information and contact details should you have any concerns about the safety of a child. Click here to visit their website.

NSPCC Website

0800 136 663

Here are some further webpages which may be useful:

NSPCC Speak out Stay Safe:

Pants are Private:

Think you know website:

Disrespect Nobody:

The Lucy Faithfull Foundation is the only UK-wide charity dedicated solely to tackling child sexual abuse.

Lucy Faithful leaflet

Thinkuknow is the education programme from NCA-CEOP, a UK organisation which protects children both online and offline.

The following information/links will help you to ensure your child works safely online.

CEOP is a well known and valuable child exploitation resource bank. Please see their online safety activities to complete with your children at a time when they will be spending more time online at home. 

The confidential Stop It Now! helpline is available for anyone with concerns about child sexual abuse. Callers do not need to give identifying information, so can remain anonymous. We speak to thousands of people every year, and help them take action to protect children and young people from sexual abuse and exploitation.

Helpline: 0808 1000 900


The Stop It Now! helpline is available from 9.00am – 9.00pm Mondays to Thursdays and 9.00am – 5.00pm Fridays, and closed on weekends and bank holidays.

SIN Families Leaflet



Stop CSE Website

Mental Health Resources

Mental Health Helpline: 
0300 303 3972

Please visit our Mental and Emotional Health page for more useful resources. 

Visyon Wellbeing Activities

Place2Be is a children’s mental health charity with over 25 years’ experience working with pupils, families and staff in UK schools.

We provide mental health support in schools through one-to-one and group counselling using tried and tested methods backed by research. We also offer expert training and professional qualifications.

The Cheshire and Wirral NHS Partnership Trust have launched a mental health team for
Children and Young People (CYP), who are registered with a General Practitioner in the South Cheshire and Vale Royal areas.

The CYP Wellbeing Hub Poster

These apps are really useful to download, if a child or their family would like some support around Self Harming


BlueIce is an evidenced-based app to help young people manage their emotions and reduce urges to self-harm.

It includes a mood diary, a toolbox of evidence-based techniques to reduce distress and automatic routing to emergency numbers if urges to harm continue. 

Click the image to visit their website and download the app.

When you ride the wave, the urge to self-harm will fade.

Click the image to visit their website and download the app.

Parent Guidance and Resources

123 Magic Parenting Course

An evidence based  4 week programme.  A simple and effective way of managing your child’s behaviour.

Suited for parents with children aged 2 -12 years, including children with ASC/ADHD or are awaiting a diagnosis.

123 Magic allows you to get back in charge of your home and enjoy your children again by      helping you set limits and breaking down the complex task of parenting into 3 steps:

  1. Controlling Unwanted Behaviours –  Learn techniques to get children to STOP doing what you don’t want them to do.
  2. Encouraging Good Behaviour – Learn       methods to get children to START doing what you want them to do
  3. Strengthen Relationships – Learn techniques that reinforce the bond between you and your children.

The next South 123 Magic Parenting Groups are scheduled to start on :

  • Tuesday  9th  November  10am – 12pm  Venue: The Brooks Children’s Centre Crewe
  • Thursday 4th November    10am – 12pm Venue : Sandbach Children’s Centre
  • Thursday 11th November   6pm – 8pm Virtual Group via Microsoft Teams (please note parent must have access to a PC/Laptop or tablet – Mobiles are not suitable)
  • Thursday  25th November  10am – 12pm  Venue: Crewe Family Centre

Online Safety

There have been a number of recent reports and concerns around children being exposed to inappropriate material online on all sorts of different platforms including You Tube, Netflix, Roblox and Tik Tok.

National Online Safety offers free online safety guidance on the latest apps, games, platforms and devices. It can be accessed on line at

We would encourage parents and carers to visit the website and use the guidance to understand what their children are accessing. You can then apply parental settings to all apps and games as well as regularly checking devices including images, installed apps and conversations.

If you are worried about information that you have seen or heard, please click on this link, which contains further information and links to other resources.

UK Safe Internet Centre is a partnership of three leading organisations; Childnet InternationalInternet Watch Foundation and SWGfLwith one mission – to promote the safe and responsible use of technology for young people.

Net Aware, produced by O2 and NSPCC, is a guide for parents to 39 of the most popular sites, apps and games that young people use. Using reviews from adults and children, it helps parents decide if a site is right for their child, if it’s age appropriate and explores what risks they might encounter, enabling parents or professionals to help keep their children safe online. The NSPCC have just launched a refreshed Net Aware site.

Family Support

Triple P stands for Positive Parenting Programme and is designed to help you understand how your family works. It will also help you to:

  • Understand positive parenting
  • Encourage appropriate behaviour
  • Manage problem behaviour
  • Deal with risky behaviour
  • Take care of yourself as a parent

It is voluntary and run by accredited staff from Cheshire East Family Service

Parenting in the digital age leaflet

Triple P Leaflet

Triple P Referral Form

Support for Parents

Children can achieve well at school when their family and friends take an interest in their school and schoolwork. Getting involved in your child’s education, even in the simplest way, shows that you care about their school life. Often, the more supported a child feels at home, the more effectively she or he will learn at school. Whatever your lifestyle, or family situation, it is never too soon (or too late) to start helping a child develop a positive attitude towards learning.


If you have any concerns and would like further guidance please contact the Safeguarding Team directly on

Remote Access Information

In the event of a student or group of students needing to self isolate we will be expecting them to access their work via various online formats.  Please see the Remote Access Information and familiarise yourself with how to help your child access their learning materials.

Remote Access Information

Knowledge Organisers

To support your child with working from home we have created Knowledge Organisers for all subjects. Pupils should refer to these when working independently as it will enable them to complete tasks in more detail and retain the key knowledge that is required for success. The Knowledge Organisers can also be used to complete independent study tasks.

Knowledge Organisers

Food Banks and Support

If you need help finding a local food bank, please visit the Cheshire East Live Well page

St Paul’s Pantry

If you need a referal to a food bank, please contact school on

Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse comes in many shapes and sizes. It involves any kind of behaviour that hurts people who are in a relationship or part of a family – from put downs and belittling, through to physical and sexual harm. Abuse or the threat of harm is often used to control or force people to do/not do certain things or stay in a relationship that they feel isn’t good for them. If you need further support about domestic abuse please click the link.