Year 9 Options

At The Oaks Academy we believe our students should have their say in making the decisions that have a very important effect on their career pathway.  The right choice of course in Year 9 will help to secure their passport to a successful future.

English Language and Literature, Mathematics and Science are at the core of our learning. In addition to these subjects, your son or daughter will be asked to make their final choice of which examined courses they wish to study during the next two years before continuing into further training.

Our intention is to provide all our students with a curriculum experience that meets their own particular needs. I would like to welcome you to read through the options booklet with your child and then make a decision about which options they will undertake when they enter Year 10.  In more usual times we would have invited all parents/carers and students to an event to discuss this but we hope that the booklet and the guidance provided here will support this process.

The deadline for this option choice submission is:  Friday 5th June 2020

Important information for students and parents/carers

 When making your option choices, please consider the following:

  • Make sure you fully discuss all choices with your parents/carers.
  • If you know what you would like to do when you leave the Academy in two years’ time, then choose the subjects which will best help you to achieve this goal.
  • It is important that you leave the Academy with the best results possible, so choose subjects that you are good at and that you enjoy.
  • Do not choose a subject just to be with a friend, just because you choose the same course does not mean you will be in the same teaching group.
  • Do not choose a subject because you like a particular teacher – they may not be teaching you next year.
  • Make sure you read the information about the different subjects. If you need more information, then please email your teacher directly.
  • Once you have started to study a particular course, it will be very difficult for you to change so make sure you choose wisely. 

The Options Process

Core subjects - taken by all students

Art and Design

CTL Creative Arts Teacher of Music & Photography
Assistant Head, Teacher of Art


CTL Creative Arts Teacher of Music & Photography
Assistant Head KS4, Teacher of Drama


CTL Humanities, Teacher of RE
Deputy Head, Teacher of History
Head of Year 8 & 9, Teacher of History


CTL Creative Arts Teacher of Music & Photography


CTL Creative Arts Teacher of Music & Photography

Vocational Food

CTL Creative Arts Teacher of Music & Photography
Head of Year7, Teacher of Technology

Health and Social Care

Buchan Grove, Crewe, Cheshire, CW2 7NQ

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