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If you wish to contact the school, then please use the contact details below.  Our Office Manager is Kath Ollier and she will be pleased to help you.

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School Gateway

The Oaks Academy uses School Gateway, the UK’s best parent engagement software, to make sure our parents are as closely involved with their children’s school lives as possible. 

All school related communication, newsletters, reports, timetables, attendance figures, achievement and behaviour go through School Gateway – it is the central hub of information for our parents – so to stay up to date with what’s going on at school make sure you download the app for free. Just search School Gateway in your App store and download. Simple.

Apple iPhone users, download the app here:

Android phone users, download the app here:

Your login details will be automatically generated using the contact information The Oaks Academy already has, so please make sure the details we hold for you are up to date. You can check and change these details by sending an email to

If you have any questions or would like some more information, please see the School Gateway site here:

You can also login to the online version of School Gateway via this site if you do not have a smart phone, although we do recommend using the app if possible as it makes it far easier to get hold of parents when we need to.


At The Oaks Academy we feel that a high standard of uniform creates a good general impression within the school and has a positive effect on behaviour and attitude to school work. A high standard of personal appearance is expected of all of our students and staff.

Ordering Uniform

Some of the uniform items listed need to be ordered from our uniform supplier School’s in! via their website

Contact Details: 

Customer service team at School’s in! Nantwich: 01270 618 957 –

Suitable Shoe Guide

Physical Education Kit

Uniform Guidelines

  • Only one pair of stud earrings are permitted. Any other body piercings must be removed
  • No acrylic nails. All nails should be short and natural.
  • Blazers must be worn at all times but may be removed in a classroom at the teacher’s discretion
  • No hoodies allowed
  • Shirts must be tucked in at all times, including to and from school
  • The school discourages the use of make-up
  • Extreme hairstyles are not allowed. These are defined as hairstyles which in our opinion do not follow social conventions, can be considered to be part of an unsuitable fashion trend or would not be considered appropriate in many work environments. Examples of extreme hairstyles would include: patterns, logos and/or designs coloured or cut into the hair
  • Coloured hair where the colour is considered not to be a natural hair colour
  • Expensive items of clothing should not be worn or brought into school
  • Please ensure that all items are clearly named/labelled
  • Students’ school bags must be appropriate for carrying A4 books, stationery, sportswear and other necessary equipment
  • Uniform regulations, including those for outdoor clothing, apply to the journey to and from school, as well as on school premises
  • Students should not bring more money into school than they should reasonably need for food, drink and travel

Uniform Expectations Outside of School

We remind parents that sending their children to The Oaks Academy assumes an acceptance of The Oaks Academy Uniform regulations, which also apply on the way to and from school.  Tracksuit tops, non-school sweatshirts and hooded sweatshirts are not permitted to be worn underneath or over the school blazer.  In cold or wet weather a coat can be worn over the blazer.

Holiday Dates

Our School Day

8.358.55Tutor Time
8.559.55Period 1
9.5510.55Period 2
11.1012.10Period 3
12.1013.10Period 4
13.4514.45Period 5

Bus Timetable

A bus service is provided by Mikro Coaches for students before and after school.

Single fare is £1.50

Bus Route 2021-22 PDF

School Catering


Please click the image to top up your child's account.

Mellors Catering

Our Canteen is catered for by Mellors, with food being served before school, during break-times and lunch-times.

We operate a cashless catering system within the school which uses fingerprint recognition technology to allow the purchase of food items.  More information can be found on this in the Cashless Catering Form

Allergies and Dietary Needs

As a school we are very mindful of allergies and dietary requirements.  We are a ‘Nut Aware and Peanut Free School’.  

October 1st 2021Natasha’s Law is now in force, and that as a result, it is compulsory that parents provide the school with up-to-date medical evidence of any known allergies.  School will share this information with our catering team. 

You can let us know of any updated allergies by clicking the image to email the academy, alternatively please use the ‘I’d like to tell the academy something button…’ at the top of every page.

Dietary Information