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Supporting Academic Progress

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Year 11 Leavers Week

Year 6 Transition

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Academy Updates

Dates for your Diary:

29.6.21 – MMR/ACWY/TD/IPV Injections for Year 9 and 10

15.7.21 – Sports Day

12.8.21 – GCSE Results Day

Updated Term Dates for 2021/22

Earlier this week a letter was sent out regarding an update to the Term Dates for next year to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.  The letter and revised term dates can be accessed here:  Change of Term Dates Summer 2022

Loaned Laptops (Year 11 only)

Please can any laptops and other devices please be returned to the school.  Thank you, Mrs Abberley

Peanut Free Zone

Please can we remind everyone that The Oaks Academy is a ‘Nut Aware and Peanut Free Zone’.  No products containing peanuts should be brought into the academy.  Some nut allergies are so severe that air born particles can trigger a severe reaction. 
Please help us to keep all of our students safe.

Spotlight on English

This half term in the English department, both Year 10 and Year 9 are completing their Spoken Language Studies, an integral part of the English Language GCSE. This is designed to help develop our student’s speaking and presenting skills, in front of an audience- an important skill to have for when they’re preparing for their futures!

The Vampire Diaries – Cheila Semedo

Students have been given a brief to write, design and deliver a speech and presentation on a subject of their choice. Our students have approached this with enthusiasm and creativity, with topics chosen ranging from ‘The Vampire Diaries’ to ‘Hamilton and Racism in Theatre’. Currently, they are just putting the finishing touches to their written speeches, and the next steps are to present them, alongside resources, to the rest of the class. The English Department are really excited to see the end results of all their hard work, and how confident and fluent our students are becoming!

My Chemical Romance Presentation – Bianka Trzcinska

Nursing Presentation – Tamara Wilding

Supporting Academic Progress

Year 11 – TAGs 

As you will be aware our Year 11 students have now fully completed the internal assessments towards their GCSE’s this summer. Those assessments have now been marked, internally moderated , moderated within the trust and submitted to the exam boards.  All our students and staff have worked exceptionally hard to ensure our students leave with the best results they can. We now patiently wait whilst the exam boards undertake their own moderation and quality assure our gradings processes. Once this has been completed they will award students with their final grades.
Exam Results Day this year will be slightly earlier than in previous years and will take place on Thursday 12th August. Students and parents will be contacted nearer to the end of the term with more details when final arrangements have been made. This will allow us to ensure we are following the most up to date COVID guidelines. 

End of Year Assessments 

These last few weeks of this academic year are a busy time for all. With our Year 11’s having completed their exams and leaving us, we now are supporting our students to complete their end of year assessments. These are already underway and we encourage you to support your child in preparing for these as best as they can.  Subjects will have already shared with students what the focus areas are in these assessments and the most appropriate ways for them to revise. Subject teachers will have also added this information on to Microsoft Teams for both them and yourselves to access at home.
The outcomes of these assessments will be a large part of the end of year grades we send home to you in our TP3 reports, during the week commencing 12th July.

Supporting your Child in their Learning

Year 11 Leavers Week

Our Year 11 2021 took part in an amazing fun filled week to celebrate their final days at The Oaks Academy.

During the course of the week they took part in a first aid course and a public speaking masterclass.  Out on the field they scaled a climbing wall as well as archery and teambuilding games.  On one of the days we welcomed both the Mayor of Cheshire East and Year 5 from Gainsborough Primary school to join in the fun.  Working with the younger students saw them gain valuable leadership skills.

The weather was beautiful throughout the week and concluded in our very own ‘Oaks Fest’.    The whole week was funded by the National Citizenship Service.  We couldn’t be more thankful and proud to see our Year 11s making memories with their friends.

Wow – what a week! We wish our Year 11 leavers the very best of luck as they progress to the next stage of their life and look forward to hearing from you all in the future.

Behaviour for Learning Expectations

This week, as part of our ongoing programme of development has seen the launch of our new Behaviour for Learning expectations in lessons. We have high standards of all of our learners, and continue to recognise the excellence that many of our them display. We have simplified the process so that pupils know when they are exceeding but also when improvement is expected of them. The pastoral team will continue to monitor all children’s Behaviour for learning through a numerical score awarded each lesson by individual staff. Pupils who exceed expectations will continue to be rewarded. Children who fall short of expectations will be issued a consequence in line with their behaviour. Below is a breakdown of our reformed expectations, if you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Behaviour for Learning – 1

The student’s behaviour and attitude towards learning ‘exceed expectations’ For example:

  • students complete outstanding classwork or homework
  • their work is beautifully presented
  • they are fully attentive, well-focused and notably engaged throughout the lesson

Staff, may at their discretion, increase a BfL following the marking of homework

Behaviour for Learning – 2

The student’s behaviour and attitude towards learning ‘meet expectations’ For example:

  • students arrive at the lesson on time and are fully prepared with equipment and homework
  • throughout the lesson students remain on task, follow instructions, and display evident commitment to their learning.

Staff may, at their discretion, retrospectively decrease a BfL following the marking of homework.

Behaviour for Learning – 3

The student’s behaviour and attitude towards learning are ‘below expectations’ For example:

  • students may not have completed their homework satisfactorily, or brought the correct equipment
  • behaviour and attitudes are not as expected
  • they do not respond quickly and sensibly to instructions
  • the quality and quantity of work does not meet expectations

In cases of students not meeting expectations they will receive a behaviour point, and possible further sanctions, including contacting home. Staff may, at their discretion, retrospectively decrease a BFL following the marking of homework. Form Tutors monitor behaviour points / 3s every day

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and remind you of our expectations in relation to teaching and learning at The Oaks. We have spent a considerable amount of time developing a curriculum that is bespoke to our students and challenging in line with expectations. We continue to embed high quality learning standards and insist that all pupils arrive ready to learn so that lesson time is purposeful and productive. In order to ensure that this is as effective as it can be, please can you ensure that over the holidays all pupils check their equipment and return to school with a fully stocked pencil case consisting of a blue or black pen, red pen, pencil, rubber, ruler and sharpener.
Whilst the school day is important, please can I ask that you continue to support your child with home learning tasks. A reminder that homework is now set on Microsoft Teams via the assignment tab and pupils will still be required to check this daily to look for updates and seek support from teachers where necessary. Staff will prefix all homework assignments with HMWK and provide clear instructions if this to be submitted via Teams or in class. Below is a reminder of how to access and use Teams assignments, please can you ensure that your child is confident in using this and check with them daily for any new work set.
As a parent I know that homework can feel like a battle, but please can I ask that you support us in ensuring completion of all tasks to the best of your child’s ability. Research has shown that the impact of homework, on average is 5 months additional progress on an individual child. Whilst a healthy balance between school work and social time is important, you will be having a massive impact on your child progress if you can assist us by:
  • Checking Microsoft Teams daily with your child
  • Supporting your child with downloading Teams app to their phone 
  • Proof reading / checking homework tasks before submission on Teams or in class
  • Encouraging regular use of the Knowledge organisers on the website to support homework
Over the next half term we will be exploring new ways of setting homework to support learning, if you have any thoughts or opinions on this then please do not hesitate to make contact.
Thanks for your continued support
Mrs E Abberley

Visitors to the Academy

Mayor of Cheshire East

As part of our leavers week celebrations we welcomed Mrs Sarah Pochin to the academy.  The weather was beautiful and the Year 11s along with students from Gainsborough Primary School were able to show her a few of the activities they had been completing.  Thank you for visiting us.

MP for Cheshire East 

We have also been visited by Kieran Mullan who is the MP for Cheshire East.  When he came to the academy he met with Mr Kingdom and had a full tour of our school.  At lunch time he met with some of our students for a Question and Answer session about plans for our town and the ways in which we can all help to make a difference.  After lunch he joined a budget planning lesson with students.  Thank you for visiting us.


As part of our ongoing careers programme, all Year 10 students will access college and careers advice in the September as they start Year 11.  This year we will be using a new company for careers called MPLOY Services, they will come into school every week to offer all Year 11 students a minimum of 1 external careers appointment as well as college opportunities and help writing their CV’s.  As our current Year 11 have now left school, the options for careers post 16 is vast.  Most students will opt for the standard college courses offering either 3 A Levels or a BTEC qualification, both of which are acceptable to higher education at university or college for a HNC/HND.

Feeder Colleges include:

There are also specialist companies who can help bridge the gap between apprenticeships and college courses, one such company is Total People.  This company will search countrywide for apprenticeship opportunities open to 16+ years as well as the training path and salary available, places are very sought after and all usually involve a day release to college or in house study sessions for Maths and English depending on personal requirements.

The National Apprenticeship Scheme is Government run and is open to any student who wishes to apply, its a very straight forward application and allows students a daily update for any local apprenticeships, this can be found by following the link www.gov.uk/apply-apprenticeship

Year 6 Transition

Unfortunately, following current guidelines we are unable to continue with our plans to welcome our new Year 7s into school for their New Intake Day on Monday 28th June.   Instead informational videos will be placed on the website on Monday 28th June, followed by a virtual parents meeting with Mrs White and Miss Mathars to enable parents to ask any questions.

Form tutors will be making contact with families over the next few weeks to begin developing relationships and there will be remote assemblies through Teams on 8th July and 15th July for all new students.

A Summer School has been arranged during the week beginning 9th August for all new Year 7s.  If you are a parent of a child due to start in September please see the Year 7 Transition page for more details and register for your child to take part..

We are very much looking forward to meeting all our new Year 7 in September.

Academy Allotment

Unfortunately our allotment has become a little wild in recent years but we have big plans for this space!  Our newly formed Allotment Club have been working hard and with help from NCS and some year 11’s the plot has started to come back to life.  The students have a list of things they need to buy to make this project a success and we are looking forward to seeing the results.  If you think you can help or have anything to donate please contact admin@theoaksacademy.co.uk

Fund Raising
This week the Allotment Club organised a Cake Sale to raise funds for a new pond liner.  Thank you for all donations and cakes purchased.  Please keep your eye out for more events in the future.

How can you help?
‘Many hands make light work’ – If you would like to join the Allotment Club, please speak with Mel Jones or Lily Irlam.


Star of the Week

Well done to the students below who have been awarded Star of the Week recently, by their Teacher.

Attendance Awards

Each week we would like to celebrate the top attending form at The Oaks Academy.  Tap below to see who came top of the leader board this week!

Whole school attendance to date is currently 

Best Attending

Form Group

10RT with 95.4%

Best Attending

Year Group

Year 7 with 90.2%