Oaks Bulletin 30.3.22

Headteacher Update 

We are so pleased to see so many of our students making such terrific progress. We regularly work with our feeder primaries and other partners in the locality, and they regularly comment on the great learning that is happening in our classrooms when they come and visit. We continue to grow in strength, and our reputation is bringing new students to whom we wish to extend a warm welcome.  

Our priorities will always be a safe and orderly school with amazing experiences inside and outside the classroom. We are again expanding our curriculum and will be offering new courses in ICT and Design Technology next September. Again, we will be recruiting more new staff to meet the demand for more places at our school.  

We work closely with a range of stakeholders. We are delighted that our Year 11 students will again be participating in the National Citizenship Service Week after they complete their examinations. We also have a group of students preparing for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. Exciting times await.  

As ever, thanks for your ongoing support  

Peter Kingdom  

Academy Updates

Enrichment at The Oaks 

History Club 

Creative Writing Club

Happy Snappers - KS3 Photography Club 

World Book Day Celebrations



First Aid / Medication 

Revision / Options Update 

Spotlight on Science Faculty.


Academy Updates

Upcoming Events

  • Friday 1st April – Break up for Half Term. (School is open on this day!)

  • Tuesday 19th April – Back to School

  • Thursday 21st April – Diphtheria, Tetanus, Polio and Meningitis ACWY vaccinations

  • Holiday Dates for 2022-2023 can now be found here!

Enrichment at The Oaks 

Politics Club 

Are you political? Are you interested in the world today… or the country that you live in? If the answer is yes, why not come along to the Oaks Academy politics club?  
Every Wednesday lunchtime, in room 5, we meet to discuss different political beliefs and their pros and cons. We are an open group and all opinions are valid, so long as they are genuine and you are willing to listen to alternative points of view.  
Our club has become so popular, that Cheshire East Youth Parliament regularly come along to the sessions. This group work closely with our students to gain valuable information about the school and political issues that our students believe are the most important. We hope that the persuasive nature of our students and their addictive dedication to free speech and debate can lead to change in local government. We are excited to join the Cheshire East Youth Parliament election in the next election month.  

Finally, our very busy club has come together to create a whole school election. Our students created the parties and have been promoting them in the past weeks and form tutors have had an election. – What political values do we hold here at the Oaks?  

The results are in for the election! The wonderful politics club have added up the votes, created percentages and rounded up for us! The verdict for the Oaks Academy House of Commons this year is… Transform Party (Green) – 33% Vision Party (Labour) – 14% Tomorrow Party – 48% Progress Party – 5 % Spoilt Ballots – 2% Thank you to Miss Whittaker for helping with the Maths! 

History Club 

If you are interesting in History, Politics, Economics or generally have an interest in the old and interesting – come along to History club!

Every Thursday, Lunchtime, in Room 5! 

At the Oaks Academy, many students are talented enough to both look forwards to the future and back to the past. These young minds want to prepare for their lifelong journeys with the knowledge of where we are in our national story.   
History club is a safe space for historians and their friends to sit, discuss and debate historical topics. The students of this club lead the sessions and decide what the weekly topics will be. We have had discussions on Henry Viii, Roman invasions, the Cold War, American revolution and even specific sessions on important figures, such as American writer Emily Dickinson.  
Staff have been very impressed with the level of dedication and detail that our students have gone to in order to lead these sessions. KS3 really do have a passion and skill at public speaking!  

History Competition

Mr Jessup held a History Competition. He said that picking the winners was a difficult choice! Click Here to look at the winners and their designs!

Creative Writing Club 

Our Tuesday lunch time Creative Writing Club is all about being imaginative, celebrating our unique ideas and sharing them with others. This term we have been writing stories entitled “The Secret”. There has been no limit to genre or theme, the group have created fantasy stories about wizards, supernatural stories about shapeshifters and even thrillers with villains living in the walls of a house!

After Easter we will be writing new stories from scratch under the title “The Countdown”

Miss Latham

Happy Snappers – KS3 Photography Club 

The Happy Snappers club is for students in Years 7, 8 and 9 who are interested in photography and developing their photographic skills. The club takes place on Tuesdays after school in the Music and Photography room.  

We work through different projects to encourage students to think creatively about the visual composition of images and how to take high quality photographs as well. There is also the opportunity to use Photoshop, which is professional photo editing software, to edit and experiment with the photographs. 

The current project theme is alphabet photography as it helps students to think outside of the box creatively to find ways of creating letters using objects. These letters can then be used to create inspiring words.  

All students in Years 7, 8 and 9 are welcome to attend on Tuesdays after school from 2.45pm – 3.30pm in the Music and Photography room 

Creative Arts also offer the below clubs and would love to see more students taking part :

Musical Theatre Glee Club 

Ever watched Glee? This is an exciting opportunity to develop group performances of musical theatre songs. Students from all year groups are welcome on Wednesday lunchtimes in the Music room starting after Easter.  

Ukulele Club 

Do you want to develop your ukulele skills further? Students from all year groups are welcome on Monday lunchtimes in the Music room. 


Choir is a fantastic opportunity to develop your vocal skills singing a range of songs from different popular styles. Students from all year groups are welcome on Friday lunchtimes. 

World Book Day Celebrations

The 3rd of March saw The Oaks Academy joining in the celebrations for the 25th anniversary of World Book Day. 

Activities, which ran in students English lessons for Year’s 7, 8 and 9, centered around students meeting authors through the WBD’s website, reading examples of new and exciting Literature , such as the brilliant ‘The Girl with Space in Her Heart’ and designed their very own ‘Reading Nook’- the perfect place to go to read a good book!  


What a busy term it has been! 

Since January we have celebrated National Apprenticeship Week and National Careers Week. Students have attended careers linked assemblies and had a great deal of form time devoted to promoting and supporting careers. In lessons students have focussed on the links to future careers, so they are explicit between school and a future of many possibilities. Schools are not only about the now, we are also committed to ensuring that each student is supported and challenged in their future decision making, this can only be done successfully if students are well informed. It is out aim to ensure that each student who attends The Oaks is aware of their choices and aspires to be the best to achieve their goal. 

Please find below a letter from The Rt Hon Michelle Donelan – MP Minister of State for Higher and Further Education, that was sent in to schools for National Careers Week. 

When we return after easter our year 10 students will be having for many their first taste of a job interview. We are working with local employers so that all students will sit a ‘mock’ interview which is preparing them for the world of work. In PSCHE lessons they have prepared CVs and all students will receive informative and developmental feedback on their process. In April, years 7-10 students will taking part in an exciting Work Experience Day. We are currently working with some major local employers developing a jam packed day full of exciting opportunities and experiences, and we look forward to sharing the photos and activities with you in our next newsletter. 

We are in the process of over hauling out careers section of the school website. Please take a look over the Easter holidays as there is support and information for parents and students alike. 

Mrs Abberley



First Aid / Medication 

Our Current First Aiders in school are:
Mrs G.White
Mrs R. Turner
Mrs K.Ollier 
If you need to request for the school to administer Medication to your child, you need to fill out our Request for Medication form and email it to us at admin@theoaksacademy.co.uk or print it off and hand it in at the school office. Thank you.
For any other enquiries about this, please call us on 01270 661223.

Revision / Options Update 

National Apprenticeships Week

National Apprenticeships Week was the 7th-13th of February this year. The whole school had a Careers and Aspirations assembly during this week; Click Here to download more information about Apprenticeships.

National Careers Week

Click Here to download more information about National Careers Week.

Click Here to download more information about Careers and Aspirations.

Spotlight on Science Faculty.

Welcome to the Science Faculty.  

The week commencing 14th March was British Science Week and we always do our best to acknowledge the week and use it as an extra

opportunity to promote science within school.

Mr. Gray is running a poster competition for all students in years 7-9. The deadline is Monday 28th March and we hope many students enter. We will select the best 5 to be submitted into the national competition. 

Good luck to all students! 

On Thursday 17th March we held a lunch time session to showcase some science investigations to make students go WOW! The science team showed a range of different demonstrations and we would like to thank all students who attended and got involved. Some students were so disappointed that they missed the fun that we plan to hold another session in the next couple of weeks. We will ensure students have plenty of notice and any student can attend. 

A range of form activities have also taken place so we would like to take the opportunity to thank all staff for their support of Science Week. 

International Womens Day 

This month has also seen the promotion of International Women’s Day on the 8th of March.  We were very lucky and had 4 of our female students from years 9 & 10 invited to take part in a STEM based event at Bentley. 

We were fortunate to be invited to take part in International Women’s Day celebrations. Jess, Emily, Evie and Serena had a great time at Bentley taking part in team building activities and learning about the apprenticeships that are on offer there. The afternoon was spent with practical tasks and our girls were able to participate in different tasks. Our team shone when they had to name all the car components. The apprentices who supported with this task said that our team was the quickest and most accurate they had seen. They learned about quality control, inspiring talks from women in traditional male roles and received technical advice on options for schools. It was a memorable and inspirational day for all. 

Mrs Hall 

This academic year has seen the faculty grow to include Health and Social Care. This is an option for students to select at GCSE. Last half term we provided a first aid day for our year 11 students as part of their course. They managed to complete the practical sections for their coursework and learnt valuable skills, that will not only help them to write up the other elements of their coursework, but will provide them with skills for the future. The external provider was very impressed with our students and the feedback from our students was overwhelmingly positive, they all really enjoyed the day. So well done to our year 11 Health & Social Care students.  

We have lots of extra opportunities at the moment for students to attend extra sessions for Science and Health and Social Care in school. Year 10 Health and Social Care students will be sitting their external exam this summer and Mr. Gray is offering extra intervention to prepare them for this. These sessions will run on a Tuesday lunch time each week and after school on a Tuesday week 2. Please encourage your child to attend to help boost their grade. 

It is currently a very important time for our year 11 students as they prepare to sit external exams in the summer term for all their subjects. To support them, we offer form time intervention on a Wednesday and Thursday, an after-school session on a Tuesday week 1 and last Saturday saw the launch of a Physics masterclass; 15 year 11 pupils attended which is absolutely fantastic.  Further Saturday sessions are planned. Coursework catch-up sessions run for Health and Social Care on a Wednesday week 1 after school. 

For our KS3 pupils we run a weekly STEM club. This gives pupils the opportunity to learn about some of the science topics that are not on the curriculum. We hope this club will grow and develop so we can enter competitions, both locally and nationally to showcase our amazing students. 

Please come along and give it a try!  

To help promote a love of science at an earlier age, the faculty has started to work with local primary schools to deliver the CREST award. 

Science Crest Award 

During the last half-term eight enthusiastic Year 7 students participated in the Discovery CREST award project. Each week for 6 weeks the students went to Wistaston Academy after school on a Monday to collaborate with Year 6 students. The students worked in teams of four to design a solution to provide hand-washing stations for communities in economically developing countries. The students researched the importance of handwashing in preventing the spread of disease and materials they could use for their design. 

Each team worked collaboratively to produce a model of their design, which they tested and evaluated to suggest improvements. It was fantastic to hear the year 7 students sharing their knowledge of particles and separating techniques with the year 6 students. 

All the students thoroughly enjoyed the projects and showed great enthusiasm, resilience, and leadership skills. They produce innovative, varying, and successful solutions to the problem set.  

All the students have successfully achieved the Discovery Crest award, it was a pleasure to work with the year 6 students at Wistaston Academy.    

 Well done to Millie C, Aimee D, Alesia D, Bronwyn H, Jessica H, Kaleb J, Krzysztof M and Noah S for being outstanding leaders and science ambassadors throughout the project. 


Star of the Week