Oaks Bulletin 26.2.21

Earlier this week we wrote to you regarding the government announcement that schools in England will return to full on site education from 8th of March.  We will be implementing a phase return for all our students to ensure that the mass asymptomatic testing programme can begin for each student on their first day back at the academy.  Students will undertake 3 tests over the course of their first two weeks back at the Academy.

On Monday 8th March we will be welcoming Year 10 and 11 students back to the academy.  Years 7, 8 and 9 will continue to access work remotely.  

On Tuesday 9th March we will be welcoming Year 8 and 9 students back to the academy to join years 10 and 11.  Year 7 are to continue to work remotely. 

On Wednesday 10th March we will welcome Year 7 back to the academy.

Until students access the site they will access ‘remote learning’ via teams.  This will be pre-set by teaching staff and will not be delivered via ‘live’ lessons.

We will write to you again next week to confirm further details and the exact time that your child will be returning. 

Thank you to all of the parents/carers who have returned their child’s consent information, but can we please stress the importance of returning the consent information either via email or Microsoft Forms as soon as possible.  Please see the information below in Lateral Flow Testing for further information and links.

It will also be compulsory for students to wear a face mask in all lessons (except PE).

Thank you for your continued support to the school in this challenging period, and we look forward to welcoming your child back to school in a few weeks’ time.

Mr S Frost

Lateral Flow Testing

Who is in the Spotlight?

Teaching and Learning 

World Book Day



Lateral Flow Testing

Thank you to all the parents who have already returned the consent information.  To support the school in ensuring as many students as possible are tested, thereby reducing the transmission risk for all students, we ask that those parents/carers who have not already done so complete the online consent form by clicking the Forms Image.

Please note that if you have already submitted your child’s consent information you do not need to do so again.  If you are withholding consent you should still let us know via the link.

Click above to submit your online consent to Lateral Flow Tests

Lateral Flow Testing Process

Those taking the test will be supervised by trained staff. The ‘lateral flow’ tests are quick and easy using a swab of your nose and throat. For under 18s, staff can oversee the swab process.

Results (which take around half an hour from testing) will be shared directly with staff and pupils participating. Where participants are under 16, parents or legal guardians will also be informed.

Please see the one page guide from the NHS on the process, alongside a Frequently Asked Questions document.


Spotlight on Science

Welcome to the Science Faculty.

Science is one of the oldest and most important academic disciplines and covers a wide variety of subjects. It is also one of the fundamental parts of the term STEM, used to refer to science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Science helps our understanding of the world around us. Everything we know about the universe, from how trees reproduce to what an atom is made up of, is the result of scientific research and experiment. (More information on studying science can be found here: Why study Science? The sciences explained | Kaplan Pathways Blog)

Science has led us to finding out things that give us what we have today. In fact without science we would not have electricity which would mean no mobiles, internet, Instagram, we would not have fridges to keep food fresh, television to entertain or even cars to travel in. A world without science would mean that we would still be living in a very different way to that of what we live today. In fact we are all natural Scientists, we learn through investigation of the world around us.

Each year, British Science Week creates a nationwide celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths for people of all ages with thousands of events and activities taking place across the length and breadth of the country. 

This year will be a little bit different, but even without face-to-face events, we can still make British Science Week a focus. Science is all around us every day and there are lots of ways we can still engage and celebrate the role that science plays in all our lives. And with the backdrop of a global pandemic, now it is more important than ever that we embrace and explore it. We will be looking at how we can celebrate British science week in school but you can find out more information here Homepage – British Science Week and look at the activity packs on offer if you wish to explore this further at home.

Science in the News

Key Science Event February 2021

Nasa Mars rover: Perseverance

  • Launch: July 30, 2020
  • Landing: Feb. 18, 2021, Jezero Crater, Mars

The Perseverance rover touched down on the Martian surface at 20:55 GMT on Thursday 18 February.

The robot is designed to hunt for signs of past microbial life, if it ever existed. It is the first Nasa mission to hunt directly for these “biosignatures” since the Viking missions in the 1970s.

The rover will collect samples of rock and soil, encase them in tubes, and leave them on the planet’s surface to be returned to Earth at a future date. Perseverance will also study the Red Planet’s geology and test how astronauts on future Mars missions could produce oxygen from CO2 in the atmosphere. This oxygen could be used for breathing and rocket propellant.

In addition, a drone-like helicopter will be deployed to demonstrate the first powered flight on Mars. Perseverance will explore Jezero Crater, near the planet’s equator, for at least one Martian year (about 687 Earth days).

You can watch the rover landing on Mars and find out more about the mission here: Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover – NASA Mars

Celebrating science at The Oaks Academy!

We are so proud of how hard pupils are working during the difficult circumstances we currently face. Pupils across all year groups are showing outstanding commitment to their schoolwork and rising to the challenge of working from home.


Here are some examples of great work we want to celebrate! We are sorry we can’t share all of your amazing work!

Year 7 have produced some great work on hip-replacement surgery, and year 10 have created blood and blood vessels guidebooks.

We are really looking forward to welcoming you all back into school soon and cannot wait to do some practical investigations with you!


If you have not done so already, can you please create a Seneca account and assign yourself to your classes.

Go to www.senecalearning.com  and sign up for a free student account. Click on ‘Students use for free’ and then ‘sign up’

Please see the instructions below and visit our previous Bulletin on 5.2.21 for further information.

Teaching and Learning 

Hooray we are returning! We are absolutely delighted to hear that we shall all be returning week beginning March 8th. All the staff at The Oaks cannot wait to welcome your children back to school. Whilst we have enjoyed teaching online, there is nothing better than supporting your children as individuals. I want to take this opportunity to say thankyou once again for all the support you have provided at home during what I know for some families has been extremely challenging.  

With one more full week at home, please can I ask that your child continues to access all of their live and remote learning. Please remind them of the importance of submitting all of their assessed tasks via the assignments tab, as staff will be using this information to build a picture of progress in readiness for the data tracking point in mid March

Whilst the end is now in sight it is important for us all to remember that remote learning is not gone forever. As a school we are committed to ensuring that remote education is progressive and transparent, and it is important that we share with you our Remote Learning Policy that is now published on our website. This document will explain the rationale and structure behind our systems, if you have any questions then please contact me direct regarding this.

Over the last 2 weeks subject leads have been working hard on the new curriculum section of our website. This section is for all pupils, parents and visitors to ensure that you are well informed about each subject that we offer, the structure of the curriculum, and resources to support learning. Please can I ask that you and your child take some time to explore this section of the website as I know they will find it helpful to support their studies. Each subject area contains a Curriculum Map which outlines the structure and content in KS3 and KS4, Knowledge Organisers, which help students to understand and know the key knowledge required for success, links to revision websites, and links to faculty social media sites. www.theoaksacademy.co.uk/curriculum/

I hope you have all been enjoying our new Faculty Spotlight section of the newsletter. I absolutely love seeing the work that has been produced at home and celebrating the many achievements that students produce academically. I do however think it is really important for us to focus on the many activities and opportunities that many of our students take part in out of school. Do they belong to a sport club, play for a team, have a hobby that they follow? Please do tell us about these, we would love to share and celebrate these activities too. If you would like your child to be in the newsletter please email me some brief information plus send a photo and will be sure to celebrate their success too. 

 We look forward to continuing the great work we have achieved together this year and wish all of our community a save a happy weekend. 

Mrs Abberley 

Assistant Head Teaching and Learning 


Self Employment Bootcamp Toolkit

Date: Wednesday 3rd March
Time: 5pm – 6.30pm
Platform: Zoom

What to expect?
This set is about understanding the tools you will need to get you business off the ground. Do you have the skills it takes? Knowing what it takes to get your business off the ground! You will split into smaller groups to meet experts in business planning and sales and marketing to give you a taster of how to be your own boss.

Book Now!
To get the most out of these sessions we would recommend attending Part 1 and Part 2, however you can book as individual events. Here’s the link to the Registration Form

More Info
Industry Insights – Self-employment Bootcamp | Cheshire & Warrington Growth Hub (candwgrowthhub.co.uk)

World Book Day – Thursday 4th March

This year, we are celebrating World Book Day by considering how words are presented in a visual way. For KS3, some of their lessons may be different to what they have been doing as teachers will be exploring this theme. 
We are also offering a KS3 assembly at 2.15pm, on the day, where students can drop in to hear some of their English work, that they have been completing over the past half term, read aloud. It’s an opportunity for us to celebrate the outstanding creative writing that our students have been completing during these uncertain times.
It wouldn’t be World Book Day without offering students the opportunity to dress up! We are encouraging students to dress up as a character from a book on the day but don’t forget to snap a photograph and email it over for us to see!


Star of the Week

Well done to the students below who have been awarded Star of the Week by their Teacher.

Thank You!

This week we received a lovely email from one from Mrs Jones, who is the mum of Melanie Jones in year 9.  They wanted to give a big thank you to Miss Jones who works within our SENDCO Team.  They wrote to say, ‘Miss Jones is amazing, she has been beyond supportive to us, especially when we had a recent bereavement.  Your school should be so proud of her.’ 
Thank you, you’re so right!  We are very proud and thankful to have such amazing members of staff at The Oaks Academy.   I am also going to see that she gets this Star of the Week certificate 🙂 

Golden Ticket Draw

The draw has taken place for all the virtual golden tickets submitted from January to February Half term.  Mr Frost pulled the following names from a hat
Callum Beresford
Caitlyn Jennings-Parry
Melanie Jones
Tiffany Lloyd
Charlie Murphy
Each winner will receive a £20 shopping gift voucher on their return to The Oaks Academy from 8th March.