Oaks Bulletin – 21.7.22

The end of a school year is a time for reflection and at the same time ensuring everything is in place for a successful start to the new school year. After their final examinations, our Year 11 students set off to North Wales for a fully-funded residential as well as a second week of activities on their return to Crewe, all supported by the National Citizenship Service. This is the second year we have been able to offer this opportunity, and hope it will grow and develop every year.

At the same time, we have welcomed our new Year 7s as part of their induction to the school in advance of their September start. We arranged a day packed with activity, giving them every opportunity to meet with their new classmates and teachers. Our school roll is doubling with each new intake every year, and it is great to see so many students and parents choosing the Oaks and recognizing our ambition to be the best provider in the locality.

As a result of being the fastest growing school in the locality, we have been able to recruit several additional new teachers and at the same time broaden our curriculum offer. The school will look significantly different in September. We are currently building a new Learning Resource Centre and Library at the heart of the school which will be fully resourced with new books and new computers. We have also totally re-cabled the school so students will benefit from full-fibre and superfast internet connectivity. We are also developing a new design suite for September which includes a new textiles room, a new graphics room, and a metal and woodwork room. We are also making significant improvements to the main and student / visitor reception areas.

All this is made possible due to growth and the recognition of our local community into wanting to make our school their school of choice for their children. We will continue to work closely with our local primary schools and we have really enjoyed inviting the Year 4 and Year 5 children into our school to take part in a whole range of masterclasses throughout the summer term, whilst taking advantage of our specialist facilities in science, performing arts and design.

We will restart in September and our current students will be joined by our new Year 7 students. We will also see some really talented staff joining us. We see the arrival of our new Deputy Head for Quality of Education, Mrs MacKreth as well as our new Assistant Head for Progress and Intervention, Mr Newham, which indicates our ambition to consistently deliver outstanding teaching and learning. We have a new Learning Resource Manager / Literacy Coordinator starting as well as additional specialist staff in business / ICT, maths, science, languages, and DT. All of these are new roles due to growth, which make such exciting times.

Do enjoy a restful summer with your family and friends, and as ever, thanks for your ongoing support

Peter Kingdom

Academy Updates

English Spotlight

Science Spotlight


Creative Arts, Technology and PE Spotlight




Academy Updates

Upcoming Events

  • Thursday 21st July 2022 – Break for Summer Holiday
  • Wednesday  7th September – Back to school

Cashless Catering – Biometric Consent

When we return in September we will be using School Comms as our cashless catering system.  The system will go live from September and top ups will enabled.  We will have a machine in school for students to top up their account.  

Ahead of this switch we do need to collect in your consent to gather biometric data for your child.  Please click the link below to complete a short form to give your consent.

Original Information Article

Consent Form

Academy Day

When we return in September the academy day will be slightly different, please see image below.

English Spotlight

Oh wow! What a year 2021-22 has been! For one, it has been the first full year that I have had since joining the Oaks Academy in January 2020, and although I have been Faculty Lead for two and a half years, this has really been the year that English has made strides to giving your children the very best outcome possible!

In September we welcomed four new English Teachers to the team: Mr Howells, Mr Maloney, Miss Latham and Miss Heley who have fitted in really well at The Oaks Academy, and are really dedicated to give students the very best experiences in English.

Across English, our focus this year has been initially to raise expectations with extended writing- which we have successfully done from year 7 to 11 through the use of structure strips and embedded extended writing tasks designed throughout our curriculum to allow all students to practice key skills necessary for success throughout their exams and the wider world. Students have also had opportunities to practice Spoken Language skills- Year 7 have completed the English Speaking Board programme, delivering a presentation about a topic of their choice to their class, and year 9 have completed the Spoken Language component of the English Language GCSE by writing and delivering a speech entitled ‘Don’t get me started on…!’

Next year, English really want to focus on raising attainment when it comes to reading; this is hugely important when ensuring your children are ready for their GCSEs and their lives after school. In Year 7, we will be introducing a brand new curriculum based around reading; students will be reading a range of full novels and texts and we’ve brought whole new books! We’ll also be welcoming a new Librarian and Literacy Coordinator, and opening a brand new LRC space where reading will be encouraged, rewarded and welcomed!   

Overall, 2021-22 has only just been the start for the English department and next year promises to be even more exciting- and we can’t wait to get started!    

Top Performing: 

  • Y7 Aimee D
  • Y8 Ky B
  • Y9 Serena S 
  • Y9 Sami L
  • Y10 Emily S
  • Y11 Kyra C

Most improvement: 

  • Y7 Rhys T
  • Y8 Mohammad ND
  • Y9 Leo F
  • Y10 Ryan G
  • Y11 Scott D

Most effort: 

  • Y7 Sujeet K
  • Y8 Rhys B
  • Y9 Chelsia S
  • Y10 Rafal B
  • Y11 Maisie JE

Science Spotlight

There have been a number of successes in our curriculum area this year particularly in the area of extended learning and aspirational careers in science.

In June the science department were visited by the University of Chester. They provided a number of STEM focussed challenges including VR activities and relating this to careers with year7 and 8.

We have provided a number of enrichment activities for our Year 6 community primary schools. These activities took the form of forensic science day and CREST based science projects.

Our year 7 scientists have had the opportunity to complete their bronze CREST awards and have also taken part in an engineering based science club after school. 

In line with the rest of the country we took part in Science week where students looked in detail at the science in the world around them and were able to take part in a number of science week competitions and challenges.

To end the year, we will be visited by “Medical Mavericks” they will provide our year 9 and 10 scientists with the chance to use medical equipment usually found in hospital such a ECG machines, ultrasound and will learn how to draw blood. There will also be the opportunity for students to find out more about careers in medicine.

Mrs O’Callaghan

Top Performing: 

  • Y7 Millie C
  • Y8 Jalwa J
  • Y9 Serena S
  • Y10 Emily S

Most improvement: 

  • Y7 Kai NF
  • Y8 Evie J
  • Y9 Sekinha G
  • Y10 Chloe P

Most effort: 

  • Y7 William T
  • Y8 Ky B
  • Y9 Dominika P
  • Y10 Mel J/ Kaine-lee CJ

Humanities Spotlight

Creative Arts, Technology and PE Spotlight

The Creative Arts, Technology and PE Faculty have had a lot of successes this academic year that we are very proud of. We have focused on embedding our curriculums in our subjects – Art, Music, Photography, Drama, Food, Hospitality and Catering, PE and Sport Studies. Due to the nature of our subjects our curriculums consist of a combination of learning new knowledge and also developing skills requiring students to be able to apply their knowledge to practical tasks. As well as covering a breadth of projects and skills, we regularly return to knowledge and skills in different projects to ensure that we can develop them further. We have also worked hard this year on knowledge retrieval and improving literacy across the curriculum.

This year also saw us relaunch our enrichment programme. Opportunities this year have included Choir, Ukulele Ensemble, the Happy Snappers Photography Club, the Theatre Viewing Club and many PE activities and fixtures with other schools. We also had our Creative Arts Celebration Evening on Thursday 7th July, which consisted of an Art and Photography Exhibition, as well as a range of Music performances. Our enrichment programme complements our curriculum and has provided students with valuable opportunities and experiences in our subjects, as well as helping them to develop their transferable skills and adding to their cultural capital. All students in Years 7 and 8 have also had the opportunity to see a 45 minute live interactive performance from the Music for Life Performance Roadshow which was fantastic.

The summer term has also seen us host an extensive range of primary enrichment opportunities from students in Years 2, 4 and 5. Food, Music and Art have hosted workshops and we have also hosted two Carnival workshops showing the links between Art, Music and Dance.

I am looking forward next year to focusing on developing the level of challenge in our curriculum, as well as being able to offer even more enrichment opportunities.

Emma Wright


Top Performing: 

  • Y7 Josh S
  • Y8 Daniela C/ Ellis J
  • Y9 Sami L
  • Y10 Reece G

 Most improvement: 

  • Y7 Charley F
  • Y8 Fabian R
  • Y9 Wiktoria K
  • Y10 Angel T

 Most effort: 

  • Y7 Leon C
  • Y8 Stephanie D
  • Y9 Niyousha H
  • Y10 Maria W

Enrichment at The Oaks

At The Oaks we value the opportunities that the students are exposed to beyond the classroom. We aim to create a culture and environment where our students are developed as well-rounded individuals who can cope with the challenges that life brings. To support this, we aim to offer varies activities outside of the classroom that enhance and grow our students. Below is a selection of activities that have all taken place in the last few weeks of term!

We know that many of our students take part in exciting opportunities outside of school, please keep in touch with us about their achievements are we would love to celebrate and share these too.

Reaseheath College – Year 10 Open Day

Early July, a group of Year 10 students had the opportunity to attend Reaseheath College Open Day and experience first-hand ‘student life’ at the college in its spectacular surroundings on campus!

The diverse list of post 16 courses and apprenticeships is outstanding, from animal management, motor vehicle to engineering and construction. This includes their own mini zoo, dairy herd, equestrian centre, engineering and construction hubs.

Students spent that day involved in several ‘taster sessions’ to experience practical and theory lessons, they were given the opportunity to meet staff and ask questions about next steps post 16 and to think about their possible choices for the future.

The feedback from the majority of students was go back and revisit Reaseheath again, not to rule it out as a potential place to study!

Year 10 Careers – Visit to Crewe Alexander Football Club

In conjunction with the Cheshire and Warrington Pledge, a group of Year 10 students recently spend the day at The Mornflake Stadium, home of Crewe Alexander Football Club. They were met by Matt Halliwell, Youth Community Manager to a VIP welcome and were given a tour of the ground, including the players dressing room, players tunnel out onto the pitch, hospitality suite, stands and the official club shop. Students were also given the opportunity to hold the two trophies!

Students attended a press conference and asked their prepared questions to a panel of Crewe Alexander FC employees. This was to explore the panel’s career choices and the journey they took to fulfil their current role within the club. The panel included the Communications Manager, Press Manager and Marketing Manager.

The purpose of the day was for students to get involved in the planning of a launch event on behalf of Crewe Alexander Community Team, to deliver The Friday Night Project. Once launched the Friday Night Project will be running every Friday evening in the sports hall at Crewe Lifestyle Centre, this is to encourage young people to take part in a range of different indoor sports each week, but more importantly the project is to give young people in the town more to do at the weekends – where they will be safe and off the streets.

The students were tasked to work together with Crewe Alex and plan the launch event. The team needed to promote and deliver the event to get as many people to attend as possible. A generous budget was made available to plan and carefully prioritise the monies to deliver the best event yet!

The feedback received from The Cheshire and Warrington Pledge included:

‘the students were amazing today, my colleague described them as a “breath of fresh air!” Their ideas were brilliant and the Alex are really keen to come into school and meet with the students again to fully complete the project!”

Our students had a fantastic day and we are hoping the launch is a great success!

South Cheshire Rounders Tournament

A huge well done to all of our students who represented the school at this exciting fixture. It was great to focally be back competing against other schools after a 3 year forced break!

Big congratulations must go to all of our players who represented us so well.

Year 9 Team:  Reece , Millie , Jess,  Kyra, Poppy , Niyousha , Molly, Leo , Alfie, Corey( vice cpt), Aaron , (vice cpt)and Lily (cpt)  

Years 7 Team:  Tanaka , Emily, Honey, Maddison, Shannon, Evie, Lea , Maisie, Noah, Caitlin and Charley

Year 8 Team:  Freya-Rose , Stacie (cpt) Kyra ( vice cpt), Mateusz, Reece, Jacob, Tyler,Alex and Maisie. 

Year 8’s came overall 3rd in the South Cheshire Area Tournament. All teams and players performed well considering the mixed weather conditions at the 4 different fixture venues: Holmes Chapel, Congleton, SWS and Sandbach.


Year 9 Rounders Tournament… an update from the Rounders Captain’s Corey Southcott and Aaron Hill.

This summer we were asked to play Rounders for our school. We played against Congleton High School, Sandbach Girls, Holmes Chapel, Brine Leas, SWS and Malbank School in a Year 9 Tournament. We travelled to all the matches in the school minibus. The members in our group were from different classes. We played against lots of different players. We all enjoyed representing The Oaks Academy and meeting new people.  We won some matches and lost some, but we tried our hardest!

Overall, we came 4th in the whole of South Cheshire.

Year 9 Forest School

Raising aspirations, thinking about our future

Early June, the Oaks Academy took the classroom outside for a group of year 9 students to experience for themselves the full extent of the forest environment.  This event hosted by Higher Horizions, in conjunction with Keele University was about allowing students to raise their aspirations and provide a holistic approach to think about their future and possible career choices post 16+.

Our students were encouraged to explore and help build their resilience, self-confidence and communication skills.  Decision making and team work was paramount as they were faced with several outdoor challenges and excelled in supporting one another.  A real sense of working and achieving together!

The students travelled to Ballington Woods, near Leek, Staffordshire, a stunning natural, sunlit, woodland setting.   On arrival they were briefed about the activities and the facilities – cooking on an open fire and outdoor compost loos!  Everyone took it in their stride, not being fazed by any of the tasks when asked to build fires, source fuel, use knives to whittle sticks ready to toast marshmallows on the campfire.   

Soil analysis and counting earth worms was another workshop with bushcraft and environmental arts.  The experiential and creative learning for our students acquiring new skills, in just a few hours, away from the classroom was extremely powerful.    Everyone had a great time and were animated about their experience in the outdoors, many asking ‘when can we do this again!’.

The D of E Group have now started to prepare for their expeditions which will take part in September and October. On Wednesday the group did training on cooking and used Trangia cook sets in order to familiarise themselves with their operation and how to pack them as this is what they will be using to cook with during their practice and  qualifying expeditions. All groups learned how to put the sets together, fuel and and light them as well as safe use procedures. Pupils have also being developing their navigation skills with a walk to where they used maps to identify public footpaths and features in the local area as well as developing their awareness of map symbols. This is in preparation for their practice expedition which will take place in September and their qualifying expedition which will take place in October. Pupils do need to continue to attend sessions after school on Wednesday to ensure that they are fully trained for the expedition and their eD of E accounts are fully up to date.

Science Crest Award

During this half-term Miss Howlett had the pleasure of working with year 4 and 5 students from Brierley primary school to complete the discovery CREST award. The students were challenged to work in groups to produce model hand washing stations to help reduce the spread of diseases in economically developing countries. All the students showed fantastic cooperation, problem-solving skills, and resilience. Some innovative designs were made and tested by the students. Once the students had built and tested their models, they had to present their ideas and suggested improvements to the other teams. All the students involved were successful in achieving their discovery CREST award.