On Friday 13th December we held our first annual maths competition for year 7’s.

Our first event was a timestable competition. 12 of our pupils were able to complete this in less than 2 minutes, Leah Billington was the pupil who won star prize.

Our next event was a maths relay, 126 year 7’s took part in 26 teams all answering maths questions at the same time. At the end of the time there were 6 teams on the same number of points. A tie breaker question was issued about the number of sultanas in a Christmas pudding and Samuel Li was the closest with his guess of 39, the others on his team were Kayden Wollastan, Bradley Clarke and Angel Vasilev.

Prizes were awarded for resilience, politeness and effort, to Connor Brown, Lily Irlam, Wiki Kochan, Cameron Brock and Cayla Owen.        Mrs Piggin