On Monday 9th December 78 students from Year 7 to Year 10 took part in Gospel vocal workshops with Geraldine Latty, a professional songwriter, performer and coach and were accompanied by Carey Luce on piano and percussion.

There were two workshops during the morning. The first workshop was delivered to students who are members of the Student Choir and the second workshop was for a range of Year 7 students. During the workshops they discovered the meaning behind the songs they were learning and worked on the accuracy, diction, projection and dynamics whilst performing a range of songs.


During period 5 both workshop attendees performed the songs they had learnt in a Key Stage 3 concert and Geraldine Latty also performed her own songs and some other well-known ones.

Miss Wright said of the workshops: ‘the workshops gave the students a fantastic opportunity to work with a professional singer and the concert was not only fantastic for the students who had taken part in the workshops but also for all the Key Stage 3 students to watch and experience a professional singer performing live’.

Miss Wright

The students who took part were:

Lilly Berry-Smith                               Leah Billington                                 Faith Black

Leah Brookes                                   Destinie Brown                                 Katie Bunn

Rose-Marie Byrne                            Scott Clarke                                      Evie Davidson

Natasha Ellerton                              Olivia Finnan                                    Ellie Garrett

George Greally                                 Kelsie Hamilton                                Cady Herring

Lauren Hill                                        Kyra Holgate                                     Lucas Jackson

Megan Larkin                                   Chloe Parkinson                              Poppy Phillips

Millie Reilly                                        Emily Saidi                                        Serena Saidi

Shannon Shenton                           Ella Twadell                                      Lucy Vickers

Bethany Warrington                        Jake Clews                                       Jessica Conceicao

Gabriel Dos Reis                              Emily Griffiths                                   Rhys Griffiths

Giovanio Ho                                      Maja Kiedrzyn                                  Samuel Li

Ella Mcgarry                                      Raman Misho                                   Julia Pabich

Caitlyn Parry                                     Dominika Plona                               Jake Rowland

Zakir Samad                                     Jessica Shea                                    Lillie Taylor

Kheeley Whalley                              Marcin Bromboszcz                         Connor Brown

Jayden Brown                                  Michal Burzynski                             Thomas Byrne

Sophie-Leigh Chapman                 Olivia Guzowska                              Miley Hanlon

Milosz Idzik                                       Millie Jones                                       Courtney Khan

Jakub Seremak                                Sonia Szewczyk                               Charell Wynter

Sekena Gwatiringa                          Kaja Kaczmarek                               Samuel Likenye

Jenson Mason                                  Joby Mason                                      Kamila Mekal

Olivia Mellor                                      Mia Phillips                                       Leo Scott

Mahalia Stubbs                                Lily Williams                                      Lily Irlam

Eleanor Ward                                    Curtis Brown                                     Sarah Horvathova

Charley-Jade Isaacs                        Keiraleigh Merry                               Ryelee Tagg