Bulletin 22.10.21

As we reach the end of the first half term, I should like to reflect on our successes this academic year. At the end of September we opened out doors to the community for our Open Evening. I am delighted to say that this Open Evening was a huge success, with record numbers visiting the school to experience our recent developments, our ambition for excellence and hear about our exciting journey. The feedback from the evening has been excellent with many more families consequently booking to visit The Oaks on a school day to see us ‘in action’. It’s been fantastic to meet so many new families and share our journey to date.

This academic year we have placed emphasis on the consistency of lesson delivery. Our teachers structure their lessons following a model that allows students to learn effectively and retain knowledge over time. Subject teachers sequence learning to so students retain information and make connections to prior learning. To support knowledge retention and retrieval learning, lessons are structured around the principles: Share, Build, Practise 

As we move in to the second half of this term, could I remind you about the importance of homework and your support with this. Staff set regular homework, via Microsoft Teams, focusing on knowledge retrieval. We know the positive impact that effective study at home can have on academic attainment, and the role parents play in this regard.

At the end of this term, we will be sending home a report which details the progress that your child is making in all areas of the curriculum. This report will comprise information from ongoing in-class assessment alongside end of topic assessments. We welcome your ongoing support in promoting high levels of attendance, which research shows leads to improved progress.

Thanks as ever for your support, and I hope you find some time as a family to enjoy some fine autumnal weather this half term

Mr Kingdom

Academy Updates

Mock Exams

Teaching and Learning

Student Leadership Team


Literacy at The Oaks

Expectations Update

Clubs, Trips and External Opportunities


Social Media

Academy Updates

Upcoming Events

  • Friday 22nd October – Break for Half Term
  • Tuesday  2nd November – Back to school
  • Monday 22nd November – Year 11 Mock Exams


It is vitally important that your child attends school everyday.  On the rare occasion that your child is going to be absent from school you can either:

Please leave a message stating your child’s name, Year group and reason for absence.  For more information about attendance please visit www.theoaksacademy.co.uk/attendance/

The Royal British Legion – Poppy Appeal 2021

The Charity Council Representatives will be bringing round poppies for sale during form time.  We encourage students to make a donation and wear a poppy.

Covid Testing and Vaccinations

Last week we sent out updated guidance following advice received from The Local Authority Health Protection Team, please visit www.theoaksacademy.co.uk/covid-19/#communication to read this update.

Today, 22.10.21, students with consent will have received their vaccination within school delivered by the Cheshire East School Age Immunisation Team

All students have been provided with further supplies of home tests to continue testing twice weekly at home.  We recommend that you test on a Sunday and Wednesday night.  The results of these tests need to be communicated with NHS Test and Trace.  We as a school only need to know of a positive result.

Please see www.theoaksacademy.co.uk/lateral-flow-testing/ for further information about Covid Testing at home.

Thank you for your ongoing support in keeping our community as safe as possible.

Fond Farewells

We wish the best to a number of colleagues who leave us at half term.  Mr Frank Phelps is retiring after 17 years at the school.  Mrs Jane Derry, Attendance and Miss Diana Kynaston, Teaching Assistant have taken new opportunities.  Good luck to all.

Open Evening 2021

On Wednesday 29th September we held our Open Evening for new students looking to join the academy from Year 7.  The evening was delightful and a big thank you goes to all the students who supported the academy and showing our community what life is life at The Oaks Academy.  If you attended the evening and would like to leave us some feedback please click here to complete a short form.  Thank you.

Dietary Information

Allergies and Dietary Needs

October 1st 2021Natasha’s Law is now in force, and that as a result, it is compulsory that parents provide the school with up-to-date medical evidence of any known allergies.  School will share this information with our catering team. 

You can let us know of any updated allergies by clicking the image to email the academy, alternatively please use the ‘I’d like to tell the academy something button…’ at the top of every page.

Year 11 Mock Exams

Year 11 will be taking their first Mock Exam period starting from 18th November 2021, preparing them for their GCSE examinations during 2022. Teaching staff will provide students with information over their coming lessons about what they will be assessed on and the best ways to prepare for these exams. Please support your child in ensuring they are well equipment and prepared for these exams, revision should be well underway but also remember it is never too late to start if they have not already done so. The half term holiday is a great time to rest and recuperate, but also an important time to embed good study habits for the future.

Mrs Highfield

Below is the Mock Exams timetable. 

Teaching & Learning

Work on Microsoft Teams

Please remember, if your child is isolating, and if well enough to do so, they are to access their daily learning via Teams. All students have been given refresher training on accessing, using and submitting work via Teams. Students should follow their normal timetable and all work will be uploaded by 9am each morning by their class teachers. Should you have difficulties with accessing work or would like to discuss the work being set then please feel free to contact the school or individual class teachers.

Mrs Abberley

Knowledge Organisers

In all lessons students are provided with Knowledge Organisers at the start of each new learning sequence. Knowledge Organisers are on a one-page document that contains all the knowledge and information that your child requires to be successful. All Knowledge Organisers can be accessed via your child’s Teams account for their individual classes. If your child is struggling with their learning, then please refer them to this document to support them whist at home with isolation or homework.

Mrs Abberley

Student Leadership Team

I am delighted to say that we have now formed our new student council groups comprising of representatives from the Student Leadership Team. All students were invited to watch presentations about the different council groups and selected their preferences based on their interests. Councils will meet twice a term for a formal meeting chaired by a school staff member. They will discuss important topics, canvas the opinions of others students and work with staff to make improvements based on the student body opinions. The council groups are:

Charity Council – Mrs Lockett 

Millie Clarke  -7 
Jasmine Gollings – 8 
Jakub Seremak – 9 
Dominika Plona – 9 
Angel Talbot – 10 
Meg Latham – 11 
Mollie Taylor – 11 
Katie Talbot – 11 

Safeguarding Council – Mrs Todhunter 

Bronwyn Hughes – 7 
William Worrall – 8 
Sky Talbot – 10 
Connor Oliver – 11 
Jeremy Hulse – 11 
Sophie Tagg – 11 
Tamara Wilding – 11 

Environmental Council – Mr Herbert-Jackson 

Lewis Parkinson – 7 
Jay Fenner – 8 
Nia Holt – 8 
Lewis Pownall -9 
Mel Jones – 10 
Jess Murphy – 11 
Arletta Soltys – 11 
Jayden Jones – 11 
Alicja Marczewska – 11 

Teaching & Learning – Mrs Abberley & Mr Street 

Alesia Diaconeasa – 7 
Eliza Szydelko  – 8 
Lily Berry Smith  – 9 
Leah Billinghton – 9 
Poppy Phillips – 10 
Martyna Rogozinska – 11 
Kyra Colebourne – 11 
Mia Mason – 11 
Maisie Everall – 11 

Anti Bullying Council – Mr Graham 

Zak Foster – 7 
Kaleb Johnston – 7 
Bradley Birkby – 8 
Emily Saidi – 10 
Matthew Hallows – 11 
Leah Brookes – 11 
Martina Inglesias – 11 

Behaviour Council – Mrs White 

Shannon Young – 7 
Lily Irlam – 9 
Tyler Birch – 10 
Ella Twadell – 10 
Destinie Brown – 10 
Ryli Williams – 11 
Abigial Beckett – 11 


This month there are some great opportunities for careers links via the Crewe and Warrington Pledge.  This is a great opportunity to experience what an apprenticeship at Unilever has to offer, please take some time to use the links to see what is on offer, they are one of the biggest employers in the UK and places are very sought after.  To find out more & register attendance, please CLICK HERE

Apprenticeships Live Event

An opportunity to get an insight into what an apprenticeship at Unilever could look like. The event will take place on Thursday 28th October 2021, from 18:00-20:00, and will include: 

  1. A focus on our apprenticeship programmes & opportunities 
  2. Insights and Q&A’s with our current apprentices & senior leaders
  3. A closer look at how Unilever champions sustainability & diversity
  4. Exclusive teaser of the ‘Our World, Your Future’ competition launching in November 2021

To find out more & register attendance, please CLICK HERE. 

National Cyber Security Week

National Cyber Security Week is running from the 8-12th Nov and is open to students aged 12 and 13 years and is called Empower Cyber Week, there is no cost to join this 5 day event and each day focuses on a different type of cyber crime, using the link below you can watch the events at a time suitable to yourselves.


Cyber First Girls Development Days


Aimed at girls in years 8 and 9 to show them what opportunities are on offer and how women can get involved in the cyber security employment sector.  This runs throughout Oct and Nov and shows girls how to use their passion for computers and technology.  Online courses book very quickly and you may need to be added to a wait list, please use the link above to book your space.

Please visit www.theoaksacademy.co.uk/careers-2021/ for all information relating to Careers.

Literacy at The Oaks

This year at The Oaks Academy, we are raising the profile of literacy. We are committed to developing students’ reading skills to ensure that they are prepared for their future academic achievements in school, and also prepared for their futures outside of the Academy.

We have introduced whole class guided reading during form time: students will be exposed to some of the greatest novels in literature, and some brand new texts, to really give them the opportunity to get to grips with reading. Alongside this, the we have introduced brand new ‘Word of the Week’ activities to help drive up our students use of vocabulary: why don’t you ask your children what this week’s word is (this week its ‘impertinent’)?

Our next steps to support Literacy will be to begin to offer focused interventions to some of our students: using the space provided by our brand new library and by resources such as Lexia to help develop our student’s skills.

How can you help?

Ask your child about what they are currently reading in school: ask them what they think of the book? The reasons why they feel that way? What they think will happen next? Who the characters are? What are the settings?

 Library Makeover

We have taken a delivery of lots of new books that students can borrow and our current stock of books is being reorganised to support student ease and enjoyment. The library will become a centre for resources for students who have English as an additional language where, in our new EAL hub, they will be able to access books and other materials to help them with their study.

We have exciting plans for the Learning Resource Centre. Mrs Horton is developing these plans to include a ‘Chatterbooks Reading Club’. This club will allow our students to discuss books that they have enjoyed, recommend books to each other and complete activities around reading. Students need to watch out for information about other events and activities that will take place in the centre. We are starting with a used book sale to raise money for the library and we are hoping to get authors to visit and to host hot chocolate mornings whilst discussing favourite and new reads. Please send your child in with any spare change and encourage them to snap up a bargain book!

To help Mrs Horton we are looking for volunteer students to become Library Monitors. Library Monitors will have a recognised role within the school and will help to run the library during lunch times and to organise the events. If any student is interested, they should come and speak to Mrs Horton in the Library.

The Learning Resource Centre, as well as being a library, will become the focus for our revision and careers resources. The centre will have a revision hub where learners can come and revise in a quiet, dedicated area ready for their exams and they will be able to access past exam papers and other revision materials to support their study. Our careers hub will become our careers advice centre where the children will be able to access information and materials about their career options, what different jobs involve and the qualifications needed to pursue their future goals as well as have their dedicated careers appointments. We look forward to sharing the journey of refurbishment of these areas with you in our next news bulletin.

Mrs Horton

Expectations Update

As the cold weather approaches it is important to reinforce school uniform expectations, to support us through the winter months.

No hoodies are allowed in school, and if a student is seen wearing one around the building this will be confiscated until the end of the school day. We ask students to wear suitable winter coats over their blazers to ensure they are warm enough on their journey to and from school, as well as during social time. It is also important to remind pupils no coats should be worn once we enter the building. If a pupil does feel the cold, we would encourage them to wear a plain white t-shirt underneath their shirt that would provide an additional layer of warmth as windows will remain open to ventilate classrooms with the ongoing risk of COVID-19.

It is also important that we emphasise the normal expectations for uniform around the school: ties should be worn with 3 stripes showing; blazers are a compulsory requirement and should be worn at all times; and black trousers should be long enough to reduce the opportunity for ankles to be visible.

Finally, can we remind you that school begins at 8.35am and pupils are expected to arrive at school no later than 8.30am to ensure they are punctual for learning.

Mrs White

Clubs, Trips and External Opportunities

Homework Club

What: A place to complete homework within school, access to computers and staff who can help if needed.
Where: The Hub
When: Daily from 2.45 until 4pm (Fridays until 3.45pm).

Shine Magazine & Newspaper Awards

Creative writing opportunities with Shine Magazine.  Please see Miss Latham for further details or pop along to the School Newspaper Club on Tuesday lunchtimes.

Crewe Alex Premier Kicks

It has been a pleasure to welcome back Crewe Alex Premier Kicks to The Oaks Academy. Numbers are increasing each week and we are making the most of the good weather. Matthew Halliwell said “It is great being back at The Oaks. We always get a fantastic welcome from the students and they are a pleasure to coach.”

NHS Competition

The competition challenges KS3 students to research and choose an NHS career that interests them. Once chosen, then create an advert and marketing materials to promote that career, including a brief job description into the job advertisement they create, as well as qualifications, skills and experience.  This year we will be emphasising challenging gender stereotypes……

The National competition is open now and students could win a class prize and Amazon vouchers. The closing date is 30 April 2022.

Are you up for the challenge?   https://www.stepintothenhs.nhs.uk/secondary-schools/KS3-competition

Trip to Crewe Alex

Recently a group of Years 9 – 11 students enjoyed a great evening at Crewe Alex and watched a brilliant performance from the Alex and progression to the next round of the Papa John’s Trophy. 
Let’s hope for another good performance by the Railwaymen against Sunderland on Tuesday 19th October.

Crewe and Nantwich Rugby

Have you ever thought of playing rugby?  Crewe and Nantwich Rugby Club have great facilities to support players of all ages.  The girls side especially are growing in popularity and we encourage anyone to get involved.  

If you would like to know more about rugby and how to get involved please visit www.cnrugby.uk or speak with Miss Perrin Aldous.

External Courses and Opportunities for Parents

Springfield School offers courses to parents, carers and professionals.  They offer practical advice from staff who are working with children on a daily basis, sharing tips and methods that have been used and proven to work. The next series of courses will be held during November.  They are free of charge and there is no limit on places, however they do ask that you register via Eventbrite, using the links below.  The courses will be delivered online, over Microsoft Teams, from 4pm to 5pm.  

 Parents, carers and professionals are all welcome to join any of the sessions which we are sure you will find helpful. 


Wednesday 3rd November 2021 

Makaton Stages 1 – 4:  This session will look at learning basic signs which we use with our children daily; greetings, days of the week, transport, some food, some people, and many more  

Behaviours/Sensory Needs

Wednesday 10th November 2021 

A brief description of ASC, ADHD, PDA, Sensory Processing Disorder and how they are managed. 


Wednesday 17th November 2021 
This session will cover how to use a timeline, traffic lights, object of reference, switches, Communication mats, Now and Next boards and the importance behind using visual aids with our children to communicate effectively.  


Star of the Week

Macmillan Cake Sale

Thank you for all the donations received for our Macmillan cake sale on Friday 24th September.  The event was very popular with both staff and students.  We managed to raise £107.61.  Amazing!

Allotment Club Donation

We would like to thank Bentley Motors for their very generous gift towards our allotment. This is a relatively new project we have started in school and is being led by Mel Jones, our gardening expert in Year 10. Mel was thrilled when I told her about the gift and she is looking forward to spending more time with staff and students there.

Social Media

You can connect with The Oaks Academy in many different ways.  Why not like and follow some of our social media accounts.  You need to be 13 to join most social media platforms so please read the terms and conditions for each before you sign up.


Visit www.instagram.com to create an online account.  

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