Bulletin 15.2.22

Dear Parents/Carers,

We are in the midst of another busy term. We continue in earnest with our focus on attendance, positive behaviours and effective learning and progress. The Year 11s are busy preparing for their examinations in June 22, this of course being the first time in three years that exams will be the means that progress will be measured and attainment awarded. All the staff at The Oaks are committed to supporting our students in raising their levels of attainment. We deliver daily before and after school support and intervention classes, and there are similar classes at our Saturday school. We are setting up one to one mentoring and track and review progress on a fortnightly basis, as well as supporting the students with revision and learning skills workshops.  

Can I take this opportunity to thank you, as ever, for your ongoing commitment in working with us to support our students and your children in attending school regularly and on time, in smart uniform and ready to learn. 

Your opinion matters to us, we would therefore like to invite all our parents and carers to complete the attached survey by Monday 28th February. All responses are confidential and will help us to shape our provision over the coming months. 

Please click here to fill out the Parent/Carer Survey

Mr P Kingdom 

Academy Updates

Year 11 Mocks

Year 9 Options

Behaviour & Expectations

Primary Liaison



Spotlight on Maths & Business Faculty

LGBTQ+ Statement


Academy Updates

Upcoming Events

  • 17.2.22 – Covid Vaccination session 
  • 18.2.22 – End of term 
  • 28.2.22 – Back to school 

Covid Vaccinations

Parents of students who are due to have the Covid Vaccination on Thursday will have received an email from school.  Please ensure they have eaten and wear a short sleeve shirt on the day.

Covid Update

Updated Guidance 28.1.22  –  Face Masks 

In light of government guideline changes (January 27th 2022) The Oaks Academy will continue to ask for mask to be worn in classrooms and in communal areas, this includes the school bus.  We feel that these are supportive measures to keep everyone and their families safe and well. 

Year 11

As our year 11s embark on the final few months of their time with us, we are working hard to fully prepare students for their examinations. Following mock exams in November and December, staff have ensured that any gaps in knowledge have been plugged and supported students to make continued progress. In March, we will be holding a 2nd round of examinations to check on progress that is being made. The more exposure that students have to the examination process, the more prepared they will be when the final exams come around. To prepare fully we will be offering a revision evening on Thursday 17th February which we would like all parents and year 11 pupils to attend. This evening will allow us to share valuable information with you, discuss good study habits, how you can support your child at home and preparations for life beyond school. All parents should have received a letter regarding this, if you have not then please contact Mrs White. 

Please find below copy of the upcoming Mock 2 examinations for all year 11 students.

Year 9 Options

It is that exciting time of the year when we would like our year 9 students to start thinking about what they would like to study at KS4. This is an important decision, and not one that should be taken lightly. Students need to be prepared for this process and make decisions based on their achievements in individual subjects, their interests and potential life choices post 16. To support this, over the coming months we will have a number of events and opportunities that all students should ensure that they engage with fully. We ask that all parents engage fully with this process too and discuss their child’s choices at each stage of the process. Below is a timeline of these events for your diary. 

  • FebruaryOptions Interest Form – all students will be emailed an expression of interest form to complete. This will include new subjects and existing ones, and will allow us the ability to see what subjects we will consider offering for September 2022. 
  • Friday 4th March  – Options Taster dayStudents will be offered the opportunity to ‘try out’ new subjects that we will be offering at GCSE level. 
  • Thursday 31st March – Options Evening  – This evening is for all year 9 students and their parents. We will talk you through the options process, support you in making good decisions that may affect future pathways, and allow you the opportunity to talk to the teachers of the option subjects and view the work of current and past students. 
  • Thursday 5th May – Year 9 Parents Evening  – Prior to submitting your options form, this will allow you to talk one to one with your child teachers to ensure that they are making the correct choices and discuss their progress to date. 

All students will be required to submit their options choices between  31st March and 22nd April. Following this faculty leads will discuss student suitability and some students may be interviewed to ascertain suitability for the courses chosen. If you have any questions about this process please contact Mrs Highfield. 

Behaviour & Expectations

Mobile phones inhibiting learning and social wellbeing 

Our school/home agreement has always been that mobile phones are necessary for travel and can support children safety before and after school. We recently revisited that view again, from a school perspective and from both a student and parent angle, accepting the importance that commutation facilities have on daily routines and student travel. 

Increasingly however, mobile phones are an issue in the school day, despite the clear school policy that they should be off and put away. This request seems to be, more and more, blurred by both students and adults each day to the point that some feel mobile phones are allowed. 

Constant access to mobile phones means that students are not receiving any respite from texts and social media during a school day. We are concerned about the impact this is having on their mental health and on learning and focus. For us, school is a time of safety, where students can immerse themselves in the school experience and be children. Unfortunately, the messages they are receiving during the school day, and addictive use without boundary, are compromising that environment for a significant number of children. Too often in schools, access to mobile phones and social media is cited in instances of bullying and the breakdown of friendships. This can be seen in messages being exchanged between students in school, but also from students in other. Regrettably a number of parents, and this is a rising and daily issue, have fallen into the habit of contacting their child during the school day. This happens without thought to the disruption on learning and lessons or the child’s day and focus. 

In a number of cases, parents have chosen to deliver messages in a text or a phone call that would have been better delivered face to face in the home setting or through school reception. We would ask you to be mindful of the impact that your contact could have on your child in a classroom environment. If you could please leave any communication until after school or contact the school office where we can speak to your child privately or pass on a message, if it is appropriate to do so. 

Too often we have negative experiences due to student-to-parent discussion around real-time issues and/or illness before school has even been made aware of the problem, or been given an opportunity to implement a remedy and inform home ourselves. 

This is not the system The Oaks operates and it cannot be a method used by students or parents, going forwards. It is worth remembering you are not on site and only receiving a child’s version of a situation(s); please allow us to perform our roles, putting your child first. They are the terms and conditions that you accepted when bringing your child to our school. 

I hope that in providing these examples you can see that there is too great an impact on a student’s ability to concentrate and continue their school day in the way required for good outcomes. 

Learning is being undermined by having constant access and communication through their phone, this deflects concentration and focus; and there is an alarming consequence on emotional wellbeing from an environment with no breaks from phones! Having discussed the problems and necessities of students having a mobile phone, we would like to reinforce our current policy; one which we feel is an example of mutual respect. Students can bring phones to school, however, they must be turned off from 8:35am to home time, as our school policy. And they do not need to be checked during lesson changes as a student moves classroom, this change of focus is a major reason for issues in school. Please be mindful and supportive of our school policy and our expectations, this is not something we can ‘negotiate’ after the event. All stakeholders need to understand the schools position and policy and not plead mitigation afterwards. No phone during school hours. 

In the first instance, students will have their phone confiscated and returned at the end of the school day. Future incidents may lead to the phone only being given to a parent/carer at their earliest convenience, but from this point forwards your child will have to hand their phone in during lesson time as trust has been broken – your child also needs to understand that a negative reaction towards staff due to phone issue(s) will not help matters, so please discuss this with them. 

Understanding our expectations and supporting school to help your child understand them is crucial. Schools worked well for many years before students had, or needed, mobile phones, in fact these were our schooldays!  

Thank you for your support on this matter. 

Mr K Graham 


Primary Liaison

We are delighted to be working closely with so many of the Crewe primary schools. It is crucial that schools work together to ensure that transition from primary to secondary is fluid and stress free for all parties. It is with this in mind, that we are increasing our commitment to the Crewe primaries, and over the coming months we will be releasing some exciting cross school collaborative project opportunities. 

As part of our ongoing work, this academic we have enjoyed visits to Brierley Primary, Edleston Primary, Gainsborough Primary and Wistaston Academy. It has been a pleasure to see the fantastic work that these school do in developing their students academically, socially and emotionally.  

As part of this collaborative work, as well as observing lessons, we have delivered careers and aspirations assemblies with year 5 and 6. As part of the assembly ex-students from the primary schools, who are now at The Oaks, were invited to share their aspirations for the future. Rhys, Gio, Dominika, Victoria, Alicja and Wikky were a credit to The Oaks and we all enjoyed hearing about their ambitions for the future. 

Over the coming months year 6 staff  from local schools will be visiting The Oaks to observe our year 7 lessons. This is part of our commitment in ensure progressive and challenging KS2 – KS3 transition. 

Our newly launched Oaks masterclass programme is supporting this transition with students from across Crewe, developing mastery skills in the core subjects. Our Maths teams are currently working with St Marys & Edleston Primary, our Science team with Wistaston Academy & Brierley Primary and our English team are currently working with pupils from Beechwood Primary, Edleston Primary, Gainsborough and Wistaston Academy. 

Oaks Masterclasses Flyer

If you or anyone you know has a child in year 5 or 6 and you are interested in booking on to these sessions then please get in touch. 

Mrs Abberley 


Careers and aspiration play such a vital role in education. As a school we are not only about educating your children, we are also committed to ensuring our students develop as well-rounded individuals who are able to make good choices. Our year 9 & 11 students are embarking on a pivotal point in their life, one which can steer the direction of their future, so it is important that they have high aspirations and are aware of the opportunities that are available to them. All of our year 11 students have access to careers guidance, and over the course of the year will have a one to one appointment to discuss their choices and opportunities post 16. Please discuss these conversations with your child and if you would like any further information then please feel free to contact Mrs Lockett who will be able to discuss this with you in more detail. As our year 9 students embark on their options choices, please remember we are here to help. Our options evening will help to answer many of the questions you may have, but feel free to contact any staff at any time to ensure that your child is making choices that will enable them to be the best they can be. 


Spotlight on careers 





Barclays Apprenticeship Virtual Events 2022  

Barclays would like to welcome school-leavers and job-seekers to join our virtual career sessions to learn more about 2022 Apprenticeships in Barclays. You’ll hear about a variety of our business areas and opportunities, and meet some of our recruitment team, business leaders, diversity networks and apprentices. 

Monday 28th February 2022, 1630-1730pm – Women in Technology & Barclays Apprenticeships  

Thursday 3rd March 2022, 1630-1730pm – Multi-Culture & Barclays Apprenticeships Monday 7th March 2022, 1630-1730pm – Disability, Mental Health and Neurodiversity & Barclays Apprenticeships  

This is a perfect opportunity to hear first-hand from the people who are helping us change and shape the industry as we know it. Come ready with your questions– we look forward to connecting with you.  

Register Spaces are limited so please register your attendance as soon as possible, using the link below  


 In the meantime, head over to our careers site for more information about our apprentice programmes and life at Barclays. 


Crewe Lyceum Youth Theatre  

We are delighted to announce that the Lyceum Theatre are launching their brand new youth theatre in January 2022. This will be aimed at young people aged 8-13 and attached is the flyer with more information, along with the link for more information about this exciting new project 


Fantastic opportunity for students interested in digital skills and marketing. Please contact Abbie on abigail.white@cheshireandwarrington.com for more information  


Youth Fed is a youth charity in the Northwest that supports young people between the ages of 10 and 29 to improve their lives through delivering a range of activities and programmes. They are currently on a mission to try and reach as many young people in the Northwest as possible and diversify the way they deliver services. Youth Fed are passionate about putting young people at the heart of everything they do and want to make sure that their newly developed digital platforms and marketing strategy listens to exactly what this demographic needs/wants from the charity. They are looking for the help from students who are active on social media and love keeping up with new digital trends to challenge and influence Youth fed’s Digital platform, content design and communication strategies with young people. Youth Fed are looking to hold a monthly 1-hour focus group as part of an IT/business lesson or after school/college time to talk to approx. 15-30 students about their digital platform design, development and marketing strategy. Young people participating will directly input and feedback their ideas on how the digital platform should be, the content and the marketing strategy. This is a fantastic opportunity for your students to work with a business, help contribute their ideas and get experience on how involving customer feedback in design process and strategic development is done in a real business. Additionally, this project will allow them to build transferable skills such as confidence, communication, and teamwork. This opportunity is open to any age group of students however, we would like to encourage students who are interested in business, digital, IT or graphic design to take part. 


Cheshire Police 

Cheshire Police are looking to appoint 15 young people aged 14-25 to their Youth Commission, which helps feed back young people’s views on policing and where they live. For more details please visit: https://www.cheshire-pcc.gov.uk/get-involved/youth-commission/join-the-youth-commission/ 


Join the Cheshire Youth 



As part of our careers and aspirations programme we are currently in the process of collecting information from The Oaks Alumni. Last week we shared a post on social media and have been overwhelmed with the responses so far from ex-students and we are looking forward to sharing their journeys with you and our students. It’s amazing to see where life takes us and with so many success stories why wouldn’t we want to share these with you! It’s not too late to send in your details, please can I encourage you to get ex-students of The Oaks Academy, Kings Grove or Crewe Grammar school for Girls to email eabberley@theoaksacadey.co.uk  

Mrs Abberley 


Safer Internet Day was 8th February 2022 

Top 10 tips for respect online 

Even before lockdown inflamed the situation, 1 in 10 young people were experiencing difficulties online; abusive messages, having rumours spread about them or being excluded from group chats. As a society, we haven’t properly adjusted to how different our lives have been made by digital devices.  

There’s plenty that we can do to make the internet a safer place. It’s vital that we educate and empower everybody to create a more tolerant online environment. Whether that’s thinking more carefully about the content we all post and share, or considering how we interact with other people when we’re online.  

Safer Internet Day 2022 explores this theme of respect and relationships in the digital world. This includes keeping ourselves safe and maintaining positive communication online. Have a look at the Top 10 tips for respect online poster for some great ideas. 

Spotlight on Maths & Business Faculty 

Welcome to the Maths and Business Faculty, this academic year has already seen so many changes as we have implemented a new scheme of work across both Key Stages. Our new scheme of work encourages our students to talk mathematically, knowing the answer is now not enough, we are encouraging them to explain why and justify their answers, offering a mastery approach, pupils have embraced this since September. 

This academic year we have welcomed Mr Jackson and Mr Harrison to our Faculty. Mr Harrison is part of the Maths Department and Mr Jackson is teaching Business at Key Stage 4 and is embedding the computing curriculum at key stage 3. He is in the planning stages of preparing our year 9’s ready for their options. We are looking to offer media as an option next academic year. The skills that  are being taught during computing lessons will help all students across the curriculum.  

Our Extra curricular coding club that runs on a Monday from 3-5pm prepares our year 8 and 9 students on how to decipher codes as they take part in the Alan Turing coding competition once again. Serena is an expert and certainly demonstrates awesome decoding skills, definitely outshining Mr Jackson! 

Intervention sessions run every Monday week 1  during period 6 and these sessions are open to both year 10 and 11 students. Breakfast Maths is on every Tuesday and Thursday from 8am -8.35am, some students have attended these sessions every week since September demonstrating a real commitment to progress. It’s amazing what students will do for a brew and crumpets. Maths classrooms are also open for diligent year 11’s to revise at lunchtimes. 

So far, this academic year we have already run 2 Saturday schools  and there are at least 5 more planned. 50 % of the year group attended our first date of 2022 and we see this commitment increasing as we get closer to the exams. The year 11 students have shown real appreciation to the members of the Maths team who have given up their time. 

Plans are in place to offer intervention to identified key stage 3 students at lunchtimes in room 8. We are currently in the process of recruiting Maths Leaders to assist during these sessions. Parental contact will be made to all students invited. 

The Oaks Academy is currently the lead school for a local Maths transition project. The 5-8 workgroup consists of a number of maths leads/ teachers from local primary and secondary schools, they are  working together to see how we can improve transition in maths. Several meetings have already taken place as we have discussed the key stage 2 and 3 curriculum, collaboratively planned lessons that will be delivered in both primary and secondary schools and arranged observations to see colleagues in different key stages. It is an exciting time for the teaching of maths across Crewe and Nantwich. 

We are also offering a fortnightly primary Masterclass on a Friday Morning. This is held in The Oaks Conference Centre from 9.30-10.45am. We have already looked at Exponential growth, Algebra, generalisation, quadratic sequences and properties of shape. The current groups of students are from 3 different local primary schools all are year 6 students, they are experts in demonstrating resilience and are  showing they are fantastic problem solvers. We will celebrate the end of the year 6 masterclass on Friday the 1st April with an Easter Relay. 

Mrs Piggin 


LGBTQ+ Statement

Mental Health Week for Children: Growing Together!

Dear all,
Mental Health week is this week ahead and the theme is growing together. 

Human beings change and grow – we do it all the time and in many ways. Emotional growth is often a gradual process that happens over time, and sometimes we might feel a bit ‘stuck’. At these times, we are reminded of how much we need others in our lives to help us to keep growing.   In exclusive interviews with presenter and Place2Be Ambassador Josh Smith, familiar faces from the world of TV, music and sport have shared their stories of emotional growth with us.  These videos can be used in class, to help start a conversation about growth and the different challenges we may face. They are available from Monday, and all week. Link is below: 

Growth Stories – Children’s Mental Health Week (childrensmentalhealthweek.org.uk)

We would also like to run a competition open to all years.

There is a lovely wellbeing prize on offer for the most interesting entry. We are looking for creative responses to mental health, this could be in the form of a poem or story, a piece of art work or a photograph. It could be a song written, or a piece of music created or even a drama piece.  Please be imaginative, what does mental health mean to you? There is no right or wrong entry, they are all welcome.  Entries to be shared with Miss Bailey or Mrs Leech by Friday 18th at noon. 

Kind regards,

Laura Bailey


Star of the Week

Mrs Whittaker:  Leah B

Leah has moved back into my class recently.  I know that at first, she found it difficult to rejoin the group. However, her attitude has been fantastic. Her work has been brilliant. And the presentation of her work to the highest standard. 

I am so so pleased to have you back in my class Leah.

Well done and keep up the great work.

Mrs Stewart –  Baylie V 

Mr Maloney –  Ella May T

Mrs Abberley – Ella M 

Fantastic effort and creativity when creating clay mask.

Miss Wright (Music)- Zack K 

Amazing performance of the melody and also added an accompaniment which added additional challenge – fantastic. 

Mrs Piggin – Alex D

For just being amazing! 

Mrs McDermott – Abi B

Her consistent effort and focus in maths, outstanding independent student. Well done!

Mrs White – Kadie B

Willingness to produce a performance to display maximum ability in her trampolining routine.  

Mrs Turner – My Health & Social care stars of the week are those students who excelled in the First Aid Course: 

Tamara W

Alarna B

Lily Ann B 

Mollie T

Jess W

Katie T 

Mr Howells – Kai N-F

Constant perfect behaviour within all lessons.

Miss Latham – Alex H

For participating well in discussion and helping those around him. 

Miss Wright (Photography)- Keira B

Amazing geometric and kaleidoscope Photoshop edits as part of the natural forms project. 

Mr Jessup – Jalwa J

Miss Grimes – Leah P  

For her fantastic clay African mask 

Mrs Highfield  – Jessica K 

For outstanding lessons all week.  

Miss Byron  –Kieran C

Always so enthusiastic in science and tries his best.