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Mathematics is important as it is an essential skill for a successful life. Whether it is measuring for home improvements, paying bills, DIY, calculating percentage discount on goods or any other financial matter, people need to know how to apply the subject in any number of different contexts.Maths covers five main aspects Number, Algebra, Ratio and proportion, geometry and measure, statistics and probability. Numeracy skills are used to underpin all of these areas but the use of a scientific calculator is also encouraged to check answers and for particular topics and processes. Students are actively encouraged to think about how their answer make sense and talk about maths. Students’ skills will be enhanced and developed through multiple disciplines and they will be encouraged to develop their mathematical thinking and problem solving skills at every opportunity.

The Oaks Academy currently follow a bespoke scheme of work, linked closely to resources from White Rose Maths to help develop the, use of concrete, pictorial and abstract examples. The curriculum is mapped from years 7 to 11 acknowledging that you will build on skills from previous year. We provide frequent opportunities during lessons to interleave topics, linking new information to prior understanding, to increase retention and promote a deeper understanding of mathematical connections.

We Provide all learners with the knowledge they need for subsequent learning and provide deeper understanding of concepts; giving learners the skills they require to connect previous learning to new knowledge, freeing up working memory and preparing for future learning.

As every student studies Mathematics, the course is tailed to meet the needs of every learner. GCSE Mathematics has a Foundation tier (grades 1 – 5) and a Higher tier (grades 4 – 9).

We are always looking to develop our learners’ knowledge which is transferable to other subjects, future employability and lifelong skills. You will also have the opportunity to study outside of the classroom on a field visit, looking at how we use maths in the real world and inspiring students to look at careers that may use maths in the future – previous visits have been to Manchester University and Uttoxeter racecourse.

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Curriculum Map

Knowledge Organisers

Knowledge Organisers

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What is a Knowledge Organiser?

It is a document prepared by your teachers that summarises and condenses all the most vital, useful and powerful knowledge on a single page, that you need to remember to be successful.

If you use this document to help you when you study or revise it will help you to remember the key information and learn important subject specific words which will help you in your exams and assessments.

By using the Knowledge Organisers at home to support you with study it will help you when back in the classroom. Below is a list of potential ideas and tasks that you could follow to help with any subject. You will then need to find the knowledge organisers for the subjects you wish to study, and the topics that you are studying in class to complete the tasks below or those set by your teachers.



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