Maths Faculty

The Maths Faculty offers a rich curriculum which includes Maths, Business Studies, Enterprise and Marketing, Health and Social Care and Information technology. Our subjects equip our students with skills they will need for their future life and careers, providing valuable life experiences. In addition to subject-specific knowledge and skill development our subjects also help to develop life skills so that students become independent, confident and well-balanced adults.

To complement our curriculum, we strongly believe in the value of our enrichment programme that consists of a range of clubs, and educational visits.

Current opportunities include:


  • Coding club
  • Enrichment opportunities provided by the AMSP
  • Higher Horizon Events run by Keele University
  • Maths Team Challenge
  • Maths Leader

Faculty Subjects

To find out more about the individual subjects please click the links below.


Business Studies

Enterprise and Marketing

Information Technology

Health and Social Care


You can connect with The Maths Faculty by following their social media accounts.  You need to be 13 to join most social media platforms so please read the terms and conditions for each before you sign up.


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