Maths, Business & Computing Faculty

Maths, Business and Computing Curriculum intent

To assist the application of Mathematics, Business and computing we strive to promote a love of learning for all. Preparing our students for future adult lives and chosen careers whilst developing resilience, problem solving, adaptability and communication. Mastery of Problem Solving is a continuum. At each stage of learning students should be able to demonstrate a deep, conceptual understanding of each topic and be able to build their confidence and potential over time. Mastery is about taking risks to further mathematical thinking using conjectures and reasoning. Throughout the Maths, Business and computing curriculum we interleave the learning and weave the theory of topics into one another, just as in real world, where functional areas are dependent on one another, to fully comprehend each curriculum it is vital that the students can link theory from the topics, analyse the usefulness of concepts and theory and ultimately make informed recommendations to solve problems.

Current opportunities include:


  • Coding club
  • Enrichment opportunities provided by the AMSP
  • Higher Horizon Events run by Keele University
  • Maths Team Challenge
  • Maths Leader

Faculty Subjects

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Business Studies and Computing


Health and Social Care

Information Technology


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