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It is a proven fact that there are NOT enough British people who speak a foreign language, and this is causing companies to lose real business on a daily basis.  Having a GCSE in a foreign language statistically makes you more likely to get a job, whether the job needs you to use your language directly or not. Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world as well as a vital tool for business and commerce.


In Key Stage 3 teaching will focus on developing the breadth and depth of pupils’ competence in listening, speaking, reading and writing, based on a sound foundation of core grammar and vocabulary. It should enable pupils to understand and communicate personal and factual information that goes beyond their immediate needs and interests, developing and justifying points of view in speech and writing, with increased spontaneity, independence and accuracy. It should provide suitable preparation for further study

Topics include: Year 7- All About Me: My World, My Opinions and Holidays.  Year 8- My Interests: Holidays Hobbies and Going out.  Year 9- Myself and the Wider World: Who Am I, Future Plans and My Childhood.


GCSE Spanish is split into 3 themes and will include a wide range of learning material such as videos, downloadable context & transcripts, authentic materials and access to language specific learning tools. Theme 1 – Identity & Culture: Relationships, Social Media, Technology, Music, Cinema & TV, Food, Eating Out, Sport, Spanish Culture & Festivals. You will describe friends and family and discuss how you get on. You will look at your leisure time and the advantages and disadvantages of new technology.  Theme 2: Local, national & International areas of interest: Home, Where I live, Voluntary work, Healthy living, Environment, Holidays & Travel, Regions of Spain. You will look at holidays and time abroad and how to book accommodation, sort out travel, excursions, and how to deal with any problems that may occur. You will also study issues that affect young people such as smoking, drugs and the environment. Theme 3: Current & Future study & Employment: School & Subjects, Life at School, University & Work, Choice of Career. You will express your opinions about school, rules, homework and your future, including different careers and qualities you may need for them! Fieldwork: Within the course, you will have opportunities to take part in a range of activities which include tasting Spanish food, making your own recipe, excursions to experience Spanish culture & Spanish film. In addition, you can develop links with other Spanish students and practise your skills whilst making new life-long friends!

Skills developed

Students will develop skills is in listening, reading, speaking and writing and will develop transferable skills, relevant to further study and the world of work. The range of topics within the specification aims to inspire students who are interested in Spanish culture and Spanish speaking countries.

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Knowledge Organisers

Curriculum Map

Knowledge Organisers

Knowledge Organisers

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What is a Knowledge Organiser?

It is a document prepared by your teachers that summarises and condenses all the most vital, useful and powerful knowledge on a single page, that you need to remember to be successful.

If you use this document to help you when you study or revise it will help you to remember the key information and learn important subject specific words which will help you in your exams and assessments.

By using the Knowledge Organisers at home to support you with study it will help you when back in the classroom. Below is a list of potential ideas and tasks that you could follow to help with any subject. You will then need to find the knowledge organisers for the subjects you wish to study, and the topics that you are studying in class to complete the tasks below or those set by your teachers.



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