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During Key Stage 3 students develop their skills in a range of different team and individual sports. They learn the specific techniques, as well as the strategies and tactics to be able to play these sports competitively. The challenge and difficulty of the skills covered in each sport will be increased as students develop their proficiency to raise the standards achieved. Students also learn about the importance of fitness for wellbeing, in addition to contributing to a healthy lifestyle. During the academic year pupils will have the opportunity to take part in extracurricular clubs and competitions to develop these skills further.


Core PE in Years 10 and 11 enables students to continue developing their fitness levels and understanding of the importance of fitness for a healthy lifestyle, as well as how it helps wellbeing. They will continue to develop their skills and techniques in a range of team and individual sports. Pupils will look to develop their officiating skills used in Key Stage 3 to have more responsibility in preparation for lifelong learning after The Oaks.

Physical Education and Sport Studies

Physical Education covers a wide range of physical activities that allow pupils to develop a core range of skills to demonstrate their competence within an activity.

From Year 7 pupils will be able to access a broad and balanced range of activities within PE. Pupils will work on a variety of both team and individual sports within the curriculum through the academic year. This will prepare pupils for our current KS4 course OCR Cambridge National which looks at pupils being practically assessed in both a team and individual sport. Pupils will be assessed against the same OCR criteria to give a clear picture of progress as pupil’s progress through school.

  • Pupils will be able to demonstrate skills and techniques within a range of activities
  • Pupils will be able to apply tactics or compositional ideas to demonstrate competency within an activity
  • Pupils will be able to work as part of a team

As pupils progress through Key Stage 3 they will have an opportunity to revisit activities each year to consolidate and develop the key skills that are needed to be successful within the specified activity and prepare them for Key Stage 4.

Pupils will be taught how to develop independent skills that will help them to make progress in an activity, but also show leadership skills within the subject. This is a module that is delivered as part of the KS4 OCR course, which will help give pupils experience of coaching and leadership courses, which can prepare them for the progression of further education courses when leaving The Oaks Academy.

Extra-curricular clubs will be running through the year to allow development outside of the classroom and allow pupils further opportunities to develop mastery of the subject. Pupils will have opportunities to compete against other local schools in Level 2 games, which will further help develop their teamwork skills in preparation for the wider world.

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Knowledge Organisers

Curriculum Map

Curriculum Map

Knowledge Organisers

Knowledge Organisers

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What is a Knowledge Organiser?

It is a document prepared by your teachers that summarises and condenses all the most vital, useful and powerful knowledge on a single page, that you need to remember to be successful.

If you use this document to help you when you study or revise it will help you to remember the key information and learn important subject specific words which will help you in your exams and assessments.

By using the Knowledge Organisers at home to support you with study it will help you when back in the classroom. Below is a list of potential ideas and tasks that you could follow to help with any subject. You will then need to find the knowledge organisers for the subjects you wish to study, and the topics that you are studying in class to complete the tasks below or those set by your teachers.



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