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Level 1/Level 2 Hospitality and Catering Curriculum Intent

Level 1/Level 2 Hospitality and Catering covers a wide range of features that reflect the industry; where K3 projects and KS4 units of work are designed so that knowledge, skills and understanding are developed through tasks that have many of the characteristics of real work in the sector; where our pupils are encouraged to think critically, creatively and independently.

This approach enables our pupils to learn in such a way that they develop:

  • skills required for independent learning and development
  • a range of generic and transferable skills,
  • the ability to solve problems,
  • the skills of project based research, development and presentation,
  • the fundamental ability to work alongside other professionals, in a professional environment.

This subject gives pupils challenging theory and practical opportunities to increase their knowledge of primarily food in KS3 and the wider industry in KS4. This being achieved through a wide variety of progressive topics that enable pupils to build on their learning; such as, health and safety, food nutrition, food provenance and menu development techniques as well as food preparation and presentation.

KS3: In Year 7,8 and 9 pupils will  be evaluated in line with the catering element of the KS4 specification: Unit 2: Hospitality and Catering in Action

  • LO1 understand the importance of nutrition when planning menus
  • LO2 understand menu planning
  • LO3 be able to cook dishes

KS4: In Years 10 & 11 pupils will continue to be evaluated in line with the catering element of the course as well as the hospitality component which covers: Unit 1: The Hospitality and Catering Industry

  • LO1 Understand the environment in which hospitality and catering providers operate
  • LO2 Understand how hospitality and catering provisions operate
  • LO3 Understand how hospitality and catering provision meets health and safety requirements
  • LO4 Know how food can cause ill health
  • LO5 Be able to propose a hospitality and catering provision to meet specific requirements

We offer a stimulating curriculum that supports our pupils to become actively engaged in their learning; to take responsibility for their personal development in the process of manufacturing food and to develop themselves as effective and independent life-long learners.

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Knowledge Organisers

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