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Art and Design covers all aspects of Art and exploration in a variety of media. Drawings underpin the creative exploration with students being encouraged to think creatively and independently. Students’ skills will be enhanced and developed through multiple disciplines and they will be encouraged to develop creative presentation and annotation in the form of a sketchbook. 

You will study a variety of themes and projects, many working from direct observation and some referring to the methods and techniques used by established artists. You will also have the opportunity to study outside of the classroom on a field visit – previous visits have been to Liverpool’s Albert Dock and a visit to the London Galleries or the Lake District.

You will use and develop skills in a variety of media whilst exploring new methods of working along the way.  You will be encouraged to become more independent, producing original and personal art work in response to a number of set themes and projects.

From Year 7 your work will be assessed in line with the new GCSE specification and you will be given regular feedback against the 4 Assessment Objectives. All work will be set in line with the marking criteria and you will develop work that looks at your creative processes against this. Your work will cover the following areas:

  • develop your ideas taking inspiration from others,
  • explore different materials with confidence,
  • record your ideas in visual and written form,
  • develop a personal response.

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Knowledge Organisers

Knowledge Organisers

Knowledge Organisers

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What is a Knowledge Organiser?

It is a document prepared by your teachers that summarises and condenses all the most vital, useful and powerful knowledge on a single page, that you need to remember to be successful.

If you use this document to help you when you study or revise it will help you to remember the key information and learn important subject specific words which will help you in your exams and assessments.

By using the Knowledge Organisers at home to support you with study it will help you when back in the classroom. Below is a list of potential ideas and tasks that you could follow to help with any subject. You will then need to find the knowledge organisers for the subjects you wish to study, and the topics that you are studying in class to complete the tasks below or those set by your teachers.



You can connect with The Oaks Academy Art by following their Instagram account.  You need to be 13 to join most social media platforms so please read the terms and conditions for each before you sign up.


Visit to create an online account.  



Visit to create an online account.  



Tom Quigley is a local Cheshire based Artist who produces short support videos for developing the use of sketchbooks.

You may also want to have a look on BBC bitesize