Creative Arts, Technology and PE Faculty

The Creative Arts, Technology and PE Faculty includes the following subjects:

Food and Hospitality and Catering
PE and Sport Studies

We pride ourselves on offering a rich, creative and inclusive curriculum. Our subjects enrich, inspire and challenge students through balancing a combination of academic, practical and creative engagement ensuring that students develop both the subject-specific knowledge and skills fundamental to success in our subjects. We ensure breadth across our schemes of work and use a range of teaching and learning methodology so that all students can engage and fully immerse themselves in the diverse possibilities our subjects offer. Our schemes of work are progressive enabling students to progress and build on their knowledge and skill development.   In addition to subject-specific knowledge and skill development our subjects also help to develop life skills so that students become independent, confident and creative young adults.

To complement our curriculum, we strongly believe in our enrichment programme and how this can enhance and add real value to the educational experience of students in our subjects. We offer a range of clubs, workshops, performances, competitions, fixtures and educational visits such as:

Ukulele Band
Solo and Ensemble Music Rehearsal Opportunities
KS3 Happy Snappers Photography Club
KS3 Art and Textiles Club
KS3 Drama Club
Photography Competition
Dot Art Competition
National Connections Drama Project
Future Chef Competition
Christmas Concert
Summer Show
Crewe Out Loud
Art, Photography and Technology Exhibition
Sports Day
PE Clubs (students choose the sport)
PE Termly Inter-Form Competitions
Netball, Football, Badminton, Volleyball, Trampolining, Cricket and Rounders Level 2 Games – Local Fixtures
Netball, Football, Badminton, Volleyball, Trampolining, Cricket and Rounders Level 3 Games – County Fixtures
Sports for Champions
Sky Sports for Living Athletes
Year 7 Football Club with the Crewe Alexandra

Faculty Subjects

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Meet the Teachers

The Creative Arts and Technology Faculty consists of the following teachers:

Miss Wright – Music and Photography
Mrs Abberley – Art
Miss Grimes – Art
Mrs Stewart – Drama
Mrs Williams – Food Technology and Hospitality and Catering

Assistant Headteacher, Teacher of Art
Teacher of English and Drama