Covid-19 Updates

In this section we will provide you with any updates from the Academy during this uncertain time.  Should you need further support please visit the Covid-19 and lockdown support information.

Updates from the academy

Update 21.4.20

Dear Parents/carers

Free School Meals

Queries regarding the national voucher scheme – New FSM Enquiries Helpdesk

If you are experiencing difficulties accessing your child’s vouchers, please contact the below FSM enquiries helpdesk

Please note the administration of vouchers is handled centrally, and staff in your school will be unable to help you with your query.

We are currently working through enquiries in order of receipt, and will aim to come back to you within 2 working days of receiving your query.

If you have previously placed a query and have not yet received a response, please resubmit your query to the above email address to ensure we have captured your enquiry.

Please note that this is a national scheme, and we may be unable to assist with more technical difficulties you are facing, and you may instead need to direct your query to the government’s voucher provider, Edenred. However we will do all we can to support parents/carers and students at this difficult time.

Thank you for your continuing patience and support.

Mr Twambley


Update 7.4.20

Dear Parent/Carer

Free School Meal National Voucher Scheme – Guidance for the parents/carers of eligible students

You will shortly receive an email direct from Edenred, the Government’s provider of free school meal vouchers.  This email will be addressed to your child, and may be redeemed by following the guidance provided in the body of the email.  If you have more than one child who is eligible for free school meals will receive a separate email for each eligible child.

Further guidance on the vouchers and how to redeem them is available by following the below link:

Should you have any difficulties accessing the vouchers, or in the event that you have not received a voucher for an eligible child, please contact the trust’s finance department via

Please note that during the school closure period our response time to queries may be slower than usual, however we are working hard to field queries as promptly as possible, and will be ensuring all eligible children receive their entitlement to free school meals support.

Thank you for your continuing support.

Update 20.3.20

Covid-19 – Government guidance

The government has issued the following general guidance to parents and carers regarding the impending school closures

Parents and carers are advised to review this guidance alongside specific guidance issued by their school to ensure they are clear about how school provision will operate from Monday 23rd March.

Update 19.3.20

School closures from Monday 23rd March until further notice

This afternoon the government have confirmed that schools will be closed to the vast majority of pupils from Monday 23rd March until further notice.

However, the announcement indicated that the children of key workers and vulnerable children will be expected to attend their current school from Monday 23rd March, and that schools will remain open to supervise these children for the foreseeable future.

We are currently awaiting a clear definition of key workers, and also how the provision of education to the children of key workers and vulnerable children will operate in practice beyond next week.

We will be contacting parents shortly to gather further information on those in key worker roles and to confirm which pupils are expected to attend school from Monday 23rd.

Summer examinations cancelled

The Education Secretary has confirmed that this year’s summer examinations will not take place. We are currently awaiting further information regarding how grades will be awarded and the impact of this decision on pupil’s progression to the next stage of their education, work or training and will provide an update to parents as soon as we have received further information from the government.

Update 17.3.20

Yesterday the Prime Minister held the first of a new series of daily briefings on the Covid-19 outbreak.

14 days self-isolation if a household member is exhibiting symptoms

The government is now advising that anyone who lives with someone who has a cough or a temperature should stay at home for 14 days.
It is therefore important that students exhibiting or with a household member exhibiting these symptoms do not come into school, and parents follow their school’s absence reporting procedures, clearly indicating in their communication with school the reasons for their child’s absence.

School closures may be necessary

The UK chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance has confirmed that school closures may be necessary to support efforts to control the virus’s spread. However there was no indication during the brief as to when these may come into force.

Update 10.3.20

While there have not yet been any confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Cheshire East, we know that the number of cases in the UK is rising and it is important that everybody plays their part in delaying the spread of infection.  We have, therefore, initiated a public health poster campaign throughout the Academy and backed this up in form time sessions.  These activities are intended to promote the simple message: Catch It; Bin It; Kill It.

More information can be found at:  

Coronavirus Helpline  

The Department for Education has also launched a new helpline to answer questions about COVID-19 related to education. Staff, parents and young people can contact the helpline as follows:

The opening hours are 8am to 6pm (Monday to Friday).

please also visit our support page

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