Assistant Headteacher, Teacher of Art

I feel incredibly excited and privileged to be able to work at The Oaks Academy. I have been part of our journey since day 1 and am firmly committed to ensuring that all our pupils are able to have the best education. As a teacher, nothing makes me more proud than when hard work leads to success. Building positive relationships with the young people of Crewe and supporting them to achieve their goals is what makes my job worthwhile.

As Assistant Headteacher: Teaching and Learning, I work with the whole teaching body to ensure that all lessons are engaging and challenging, and that our students are supported in achieving their personal targets and goals. With high expectations and standards our staff work hard designing and delivering lessons, and our goal is to ensure that all students value and access the education they deserve.

Assistant Headteacher: Teaching and Learning

Head of Year 8 & 9, Teacher of History


SENDCO, Teacher of English

I started at The Oaks Academy in 2008 as an English teacher and couldn’t imagine working anywhere else now. I am an advocate of raising the literacy skills of our young people to empower them in the community once they leave us. 

My passion has always been Special Educational Needs and the pastoral care of pupils. I qualified as a specialist SEND Coordinator in 2015 and I have 11 years of experience in special educational needs. I am currently SENCO at The Oaks Academy, working with a team of  dedicated Teaching Assistants  to ensure young people and their families are given the help and support they deserve. 

I am passionate about diversity and inclusion, overcoming barriers, and achieving in the face of adversity. 

CTL English, Teacher of English

After developing a teacher career in North Staffordshire, I recently joined the Oaks Academy in the role of CTL of English. In the short time that I have been at The Oaks, I have found it a privilege to work alongside such great staff at The Oaks Academy; we all work tirelessly for the young people in our care. 

​I am passionate and enthusiastic about English and Literacy, and hope that I can light the same passion in our students; to develop a love of literacy, to embrace the written word and provide students with new ways to think about the modern world. Furthermore, providing our students with the opportunity to raise their aspirations through English, and making English enjoyable to all is important to all members of Team English. 

I believe that the knowledge and skills learned in English help students to understand the contemporary challenges facing their lives and help them to become aware of their role in the world. Our subject provides the means to question and debate what they learn; through exposure to a wide range of literature and media, English allows students to develop a deeper conceptual understanding where they are encouraged to challenge ideas through debate and discussion and through intriguing enquiry based questions, to really be able to explore the ‘big ideas’.

I look forward to working with you all, as we continue to make The Oaks an Academy we can be proud of. 

As an enthusiastic Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages, I enjoy seeing and hearing my pupils enjoy learning about language and culture and nurturing this love of language learning.  Having had the pleasure of working at the Oaks for many years, I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to see many learners hone their language skills and truly begin to develop their own style in their chosen language.

Assistant CTL English, Teacher of English

I started at The Oaks Academy in January as the Assistant CTL of English and I was welcomed so warmly by staff and students and I already feel settled and part of the school community. I began my teaching journey in 2013 when I qualified as an English teacher and I have loved every minute of teaching and sharing my passion with every student. I feel privileged to work at The Oaks Academy with the amazing young people of the area.

I am passionate about my subject and strive to help every student reach their potential and unlock the joy of reading.  It is such a pleasure to watch students flourish within their time at secondary school and watching them transform into unique young adults. I believe that English is at the beating heart of every part of our lives and I endeavour to ensure that every student is equipped for the world beyond school.

CTL Science, Teacher of Science

I joined the school in September 2013 as a Newly Qualified Teacher of Science. Since then I have become an established member of the staff team progressing into the role of CTL for Science. It is an honour to work alongside such  great staff  at The Oaks Academy; we all work tirelessly for the young people in our care. 

I am passionate about Science and STEM based careers and hope I can inspire young people so they believe in themselves and go on to study Science based subjects post 16 when they leave us. Raising the aspirations of pupils is a key focus, as a team we hope we can make Science enjoyable for everyone. 

Through science, I hope pupils will become resilient learners with great problem solving skills and the ability to rise to a challenge. There is a strong focus on practical work in lessons to ensure pupils can develop their skills.

We take part in ‘Science Week’ every year and have some great activities on offer for pupils to get involved with. We also look to take pupils on Science based trips and have taken large groups of pupils to the ‘Big Bang Event’ in Liverpool, taken different year groups to events at Keele University, where pupils have been able to see science in different contexts, and entered teams into various competitions, to name a few.

I am proud to be part of The Oaks Academy and I love teaching Science, I look forward to working with you all in the future.


Hi, my name is Miss Derry and I am the attendance manager at The Oaks Academy. You will see me around school working with Mr Frost and the pastoral team to support your attendance. As you know attendance and punctuality are important, we have exciting rewards in place for those students with excellent attendance. I look meeting you.


Hi I’m Mrs Fenner. I started working at The Oaks Academy just over a year and half ago as part of the SEND team. I have recently just moved to my dream job as KS4 Pastoral Manger. You will find me down in the Pastoral Office working closely With Mr Frost, Mrs Leech, Mrs Derry and The Heads of Years or I am out on patrol around the school. 
There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing students grow and achieve more than they ever thought they could  I can also help with any worries or issues that occur during your time here to help make The Oaks Academy a fantastic journey.
Deputy Headteacher, Teacher of History

It is with great pride that I hold the post of Deputy Headteacher at The Oaks Academy.

I believe that this is a wonderful Academy with some of the most dedicated staff and students that I have worked with during my career so far.

My role is to constantly drive up the standards of student behaviour and conduct and make students feel proud to be members of this Academy.

The foundations behind this drive are simple.  It is ‘Pride and Respect’ which I believe are two key ingredients in making our students successful, not just academically but also as successful citizens within today’s society.

I am a passionate Historian and my mission is to get students to ‘Love History’ as much as I do.  I am also a huge Liverpool Football Club supporter.

Deputy Headteacher: Behaviour and Attitudes


I have been an Art Teacher at the school since 2005, but have also taught Textiles and Graphics.  I feel that I have the best job in the world being able to do creative things that I love and help to inspire our pupils to achieve amazing work , and build confidence in their own ability.  As well as teaching Art I enjoy being a form tutor which helps in building positive relationships with our pupils and part of this is being form tutor, at times I have been known to be quite a competitive tutor!  I look forward to seeing you at The Oaks Academy.


I have worked at The Oaks Academy since 2014 as a Learning Support Assistant. My role enables me to work with students in ways that support them academically, pastorally and socially.  I am passionate about supporting students through their time at The Oaks and thrive on the sense of achievement we gain from our student’s successes.

I have worked at The Oaks Academy since 2014 as a Learning Support Assistant. My role enables me to work with students in ways that support them academically, pastorally and socially.  I am passionate about supporting students through their time at The Oaks and thrive on the sense of achievement we gain from our student’s successes.

My name is Mrs Harrop and I joined The Oaks Academy earlier this year as Teaching Assistant and was instantly made welcome by both the staff and students.  I moved to Cheshire two years ago from South Yorkshire where I had worked in schools for many years supporting students who found school difficult to engage with.  I have always worked to help students get the best they can out of school and this has often meant finding bespoke ways of learning that suit the individual.  I have worked closely with children in care and children with additional needs and will always be around if you need someone to talk to.  I am passionate about ensuring every child gets the best out of their education and that any barriers to learning are resolved.  I work with an amazing team of Teaching Assistants and am very proud to be part of The Oaks Academy.

Assistant Headteacher, CTL Maths

I joined the school in 2002 and have never looked back, believing in our pupils and their futures. During my time I have taken on a number of different roles, in a number of different areas of the school but throughout my passion has always been Mathematics.

In my new role as Assistant Head for Mathematics it is my aim to ensure that all pupils are inspired to learn Mathematics, seeing its importance and the opportunities it creates for them in their future. I know that our pupils can achieve great things in their lives and it is my role, alongside Mathematics, to provide them with opportunities and experiences that enable them to find their own successful path in life.

Assistant Headteacher: Maths and Work Related Learning

‘I started working at The Oaks Academy back in 2005 so I have been here for quite a while! My role is school Cover Supervisor so I cover lessons when your teachers are not in school. This means you will definitely see me in one of your lessons at some point, as I cover all year groups and all subjects.

I have a Geography degree and a Masters in Education so I have spent most of my adult life not only working in education, but studying it too. In school I have taught a range of subjects including KS3 and GCSE Geography, online Maths classes and even BTEC Childcare a few years ago.

I enjoy how every day in school is different. I am always learning something new and there is never a dull moment!’

Assistant CTL Science, Teacher of Science

I joined the Oaks Academy as Assistant CTL for Science in 2019, after working in West Cheshire for 17 years. I am passionate about the wonders and potential of science, and I am privileged to be able to share this passion with the students. I hope to develop inquisitive and resilient students who have the self-belief and skills to have successful STEM based careers. Science lessons have a strong focus on practical work to enable students to develop these skills. In lessons I encourage students to question the world around them and challenge them to find possible solutions these questions and problems.

 I have found it inspiring to work along staff who are passionate about raising the aspirations and attainment of students, and who work tirelessly to ensure learning is enjoyable for all. 

Deputy KS3, Teacher of Languages


Teacher of History and English

I work as a Learning Support Assistant at The Oaks Academy. I enjoy working with students in and out the classroom. My role gives me great satisfaction as we all work together to achieve your maximum potential. I look forward to working with you all.


The Oaks Academy is a school which promotes high aspirations and expectations for all our students. We aim to place ourselves at the heart of our community. Our staff value knowing our students well and we are keen to provide a caring yet ambitious learning experience for them.

We aim for all students to achieve their potential, and to recognise and nurture individual strengths. To this end we offer a broad and balanced Key Stage 3 provision from which students can opt for a range of GSCE options. We emphasise the importance of academic progress, nurture a balanced outlook and positive attitudes, and at the same time encourage our students to contribute meaningfully to our community.

Our pastoral provision is focused on nurturing individual needs whilst helping the children develop into well-rounded and responsible young people. We attach an emphasis on our students being safe, happy and successful, whilst being prepared for their futures – in further or higher education, apprenticeship or employment.

Whether you are reading this and considering whether the Oaks is the right school for your child, or a parent or carer of a child who currently attends our school, and looking for more information, I hope you find our website useful. If you would like any more information or to meet or visit us, then please do not hesitate to get in contact.

Hi! I’m Miss Kynaston! I joined The Oaks Academy early this year after working in different schools helping different students. I am part of the SEND team and I am currently enjoying being with the team. My main hobby is music as I play the piano, clarinet and saxophone so when I’m home I’m always busy learning another piece of music. I love animals and I have my own dog who I always talk about. If you ever see me don’t be afraid to say Hi, I always have time.


Hello, my name is Mrs Leech and I would like to welcome you to The Oaks Academy.  I have worked at this school for over 20 years and have enjoyed supporting our students on their high school path and beyond.  I am part of the Pastoral Team and you will see me around school working with Mr Frost, the Deputy Head,  Mrs Derry, the Attendance Manager, the Heads Of Year,  and other members of the Pastoral Team.  I am here to help you settle in at The Oaks Academy, and will help you with any concerns or worries you may have, and also celebrate your successes in school.

I look forward to meeting you all.


Teacher of Business Studies

I am the Business and Enterprise + Marketing teacher at The Oaks Academy, both subjects that you can take as an option in Y9 for study in Y10 and Y11.

I have over 20 years teaching experience and I am an examiner for OCR Exam Board.  The majority of my career was as Head of Business Department and Enterprise Co-ordinator in a school in Merseyside where I was also Head of Sixth Form for a period of time.  I have also had the privilege to experience living and teaching in Abu Dhabi, UAE for several years before joining The Oaks Academy in September 2018.  One of the reasons I chose The Oaks Academy is because I found the staff to be very friendly and welcoming.

I am passionate about Business and Enterprise education and the important role it can play in the preparation of students for their future life and work.  It is a very relevant subject, we come into contact with many businesses in our daily lives and you can learn all about them, acquire skills you can use in any job and, even go on to be a successful entrepreneur.

One of my highlights of working at The Oaks Academy is winning the 3 legged race at sports day – an achievement I never managed when I was at school myself. 

I joined The Oaks Academy in 2019 after having had the pleasure of working in other schools in Cheshire West and Chester for the last 14 years. When offered the role of Teacher of Mathematics at the Academy I chose to move here predominantly because of the welcoming atmosphere and stimulating learning environment created by students and staff alike. Since working here I have experienced what an amazing community has been built at this school, staff and students alike show genuine support, pride and respect for each other.

I love teaching maths and am passionate about engaging students in the language of maths, encouraging them to experiment and learn through peer collaboration, building resilience and independent learning skills.  I believe it is important for everyone to develop logical thinking and reasoning strategies as it is at the core of our everyday lives.

I am also currently a year 7 form tutor, a role I really enjoy. I consider this to be a very important role as it gives me the opportunity to support students not just academically, but pastorally as well.  I am incredibly proud of my form, it has been a great pleasure to see their personal growth throughout the year, they have worked hard to meet the Academy’s high standards and expectations.

Welcome to The Oaks Academy, I look forward to working with you. 

I started my teaching career at the school in 2004, however I attended Kings Grove as a pupil from 1992-97. I have always felt a close affinity to the school and pride at being able to educate the local community.  During my time at the school I have fulfilled several roles that of Teacher of PE, form tutor, Primary PE teacher and Head of House.  I have delivered initiatives such as the Twista Project to help encourage and engage pupils on the importance of school. I oversee the annual Sports Week to help raise the profile of the subject and give pupils the opportunities to take part in new sporting activities.  I am passionate about creating opportunities for pupils to access PE and Sport both in curriculum and extra-curricular time.  As I have been at the school for 16 years it has helped the progression of pupils from Year 7 to those who leave at Year 11 who have taken the GCSE PE course.

As part of the PE department we over the previous 18 months have tried to reward pupils by organising trips to Ninja Warrior, Ice Skating, Go Karting, and Flip out.

In my spare time I am keen sports fan, I enjoy watching Crewe Alex and have helped to organise many PE reward trips.  Over the previous 10 years I have enjoyed watched the England Cricket team at various test match venues around the country and had many trips to Twickenham to watch the England Rugby team in World Cups, Six Nations and Autumn internationals.  In my younger years I enjoyed watching Spurs both at the old White Hart Lane and various Premier League venues around the country.  I now have a young family and enjoy spending more family time together; however my passion for sport is one that will continue into my later years.

I look forward to meeting you when you join The Oaks


Hello! I’m Miss Ogden and I’m part of the SEND team! I’m a big lover of music and one of my hobbies is singing! I’m originally from Blackpool and I used to love spending days at the beach (when it’s not raining of course). At school I’m based in the Engagement pathway so if you ever walk past or fancy a chat, come and say hi! 


Assistant CTL Maths, Teacher of Maths

I joined the school in 2017 as assistant CTL in Maths after having previously worked at a school in Northwich. I feel privileged to work at The Oaks Academy inspiring and believing in the young people of Crewe. My mission is for everybody to enjoy maths, however difficult it might be. I want to encourage pupils to explore and discover new aspects of maths and question why it works, can they find an alternative method that may be better for them.  I am a bit of a geek I love problem solving, sudoku and decoding and love to involve pupils in similar tasks to encourage independence.

One of my highlights of working at The Oaks Academy is winning the world book day fancy dress as Princess Fiona from Shrek – I love that green dress.


I joined The Oaks Academy in 2016 as a Teacher of Geography from a school in Liverpool and settled in straight away. The first thing I noticed about The Oaks Academy is the sense of community that you get from working in a small school. The staff are incredibly supportive and welcoming and made joining a new school easy.

I am the Teacher of Geography at The Oaks Academy and I teach most students from Years 7 to 9. I also teach Geography at GCSE and am an examiner for the AQA exam board. I am hugely passionate about Geography and the importance of a subject that allows students to travel the world from their classroom and look at and think about their world differently. Through sharing my enthusiasm and subject knowledge I hope to inspire the next generation of Geographers. After all, it’s really hard to change the World if you don’t know that much about it! Before I became a Geography teacher, I worked in a museum, for the Civil Service and at a law firm. All of these experiences have taught me that you can always do something different and achieve something new with hard work.

My other role is as a form tutor and I have had the privilege to welcome two groups of year 7 students to the Academy.

One of my biggest highlights at The Oaks Academy is being part of the winning staff relay team at sports day2019!

I have always had an interest in Science (especially Biology) having taught the subject in a variety of schools in Cheshire for many years.

Science helps you to understand the world around you.

I joined the Oaks Academy in 2012 as a teaching assistant working in the Science Department. My role now is that of Science Technician.

As Science Technician I support the Science team and make sure they have the equipment for practical work and demonstrations to enrich your learning experience and make your Science lessons interesting and fun.

I look forward to seeing you at the Oaks Academy.

I have worked as a Learning Support Assistant at the Oaks Academy for over 15 years – a long time! I enjoy supporting pupils on different levels, academically, pastorally and socially. I am looking forward to meeting you soon.



I have a love of all things relating to languages, having taught French, Spanish and German to GCSE level and have a personal interest in Russian. I have over 12 years’ experience of teaching languages from one to one personal home tutoring to whole class lessons within a school environment, bringing the subject to life and offering opportunity for pupils to confidently practise their skills.

The atmosphere at The Oaks is what firstly enticed me and I was keen to find out more about the teaching and learning practises in addition to the supportive network that is clearly visible across the school.

I love to learn about the changes to meanings that one word can make to a sentence and particularly love to find new ways of  “getting around the problem” to portray meaning when that one piece of vocabulary is hard to remember. We all learn in different ways, we all have different ways of remembering things, and we can use and share all of these methods when learning a language. A foreign language helps us to learn so much more about our own language too: history, origin and meanings behind certain phrases. I thoroughly enjoy sharing my skills, knowledge and experience to enable pupils to achieve their potential.

I  buy for the teachers the books that you write in, the books that you read,

and much of the other stuff that you’ll need.

You will come to me to pay for a trip,

and maybe the odd paperclip.

If there’s anything else I can do,

Trust me I’ll be happy to.

Teacher of History and English

I joined The Oaks Academy in 2018, as a member of the English department. Prior to that I trained and worked in London for 12 years, before moving back to my home county – just over the Cheshire border in Staffordshire. I chose to work at The Oaks because of it’s supportive staff and welcoming atmosphere; I feel very fortunate to work with such fantastic staff and students every day. 
I have a love for language in all it’s forms, whether it be a book, play, poem or article. I find it remarkable the difference a word can make to the overall meaning of a sentence and I’m fascinated by the way language has evolved over time. I am passionate about Shakespeare and the layers of meaning that can be found within his plays – I hope that those in my classroom would say that whilst Shakespeare might be challenging, it is definitely not boring! My favourite book is Mists Over Pendle and an enjoyment of reading is something that I hope to pass on to all students – there are few things better than getting lost in the story of another world.  

CTL Humanities, Teacher of RE

I am Curriculum Team Leader for Humanities and Modern Foreign Languages. I have been at the Oaks academy since day one and I am as motivated now as when it first started. I teach Religious Studies, PSHCE and sometimes History and Geography. I don’t read many books but i like to read about articles about religion and politics. My hobbies are Football and Fortnite. I try to make all of my lessons fun, engaging and challenging to help you all maximise your potential.


Teacher of English and PE

I am an exceptionally experienced teacher with over 25 years in the profession under my belt. I still really enjoy teaching and I am just as passionate about it as I was on my first day. I particularly like using my skills, knowledge and experience to make a difference to pupils’ futures. This led me to complete a part- time university course to become a Specialist Dyslexia teacher. This means as part of my role at The Oaks Academy, I undertake all the testing to assess if you will need any extra support, such as, extra time, readers or even scribes in your GCSEs (Access Arrangements).

I am one of the longest serving members of staff at this school, so I might have taught your older brothers or sisters. Naturally when you have taught at the same school for as long as I have there is a tendency to fill many different roles. My first love is PE and that is what I taught at the school when I first started and I still teach some of that today. Then I became a Schools Sports Coordinator which was an advisory, guidance and supportive role for the local primary schools. I have also taught History, Geography, Religious Education and French at the school. I was Achievement Leader (Head of Year) for 6 years but more recently I have been really enjoying teaching English at The Oaks Academy and if I do not teach you in PE you may well see me in the English classroom. Furthermore, I also support the SEND department delivering literacy interventions, Irlen’s screening, supporting dyslexic pupils and helping other teachers in the school by making sure their lessons are “Dyslexic friendly”. Most recently, I have been teaching Yoga relaxation techniques to pupils (and staff) and have seen it make a real impact to some pupils’ learning.

Outside of School you are most likely to find me on a tennis court still working hard to improve my game after 40 years of playing. I captain the A team for my tennis club, winning the South and Mid Cheshire league for the last 10 years in a row! I am extremely proud that I represent my county and hope one day to make the GB squad.

I look forward to seeing you in my classroom or the sports hall soon!

I am a Science Teacher at the Oaks Academy and have been at the school for some years.  I love working with students, encouraging them to explore and discover new aspects of the fascinating world around us and question how everything works.

I try to encourage pupils to be inquisitive and become resilient learners with the ability to rise to a challenge whilst giving them the tools to pursue STEM based careers.

I am also a form tutor, a role I really enjoy, and I love getting involved in all aspects of school life – It is all about taking part (also- you have got to be in it to win it!)


Head of KS4, Teacher of PE

Having grown as a qualified teacher, from the Grass roots at this school I have been a Teacher of PE at the Oaks Academy for 15 years. I am very passionate about developing skills and techniques in a variety of sports to improve your performance in a game’s situation. I am immensely proud of the pupils that I teach, predominantly in the representation we display against other local schools in fixtures across a range of sporting activities. My passion continues in the delivery of GCSE PE, which then allows our sports enthusiasts to pursue sport in the future, beyond the academy.  

Throughout my years of teaching I have always dedicated the time to develop positive relationships with pupils, both in my form and teaching groups, to ensure that learning can excel. To continue this sentiment, I am privileged to hold the position as Head of Key stage 4, and therefore responsible for the wellbeing and academic achievements of each, and every pupil at some point on their journey at The Oaks Academy. Success is achieved academically via the opportunities and experiences we provide at the academy. 

My most favourite achievement recently has been the promotion of Crewe Alex FC, after a fantastic season, that has been cut short! Up the Alex!!!  

I look forward to welcoming you to the Academy, and more so into the PE family at The Oaks Academy.  

Having started my teaching career in Chester I moved to The Oaks, known then as Kings Grove, in September 1997. I’ll let you do the maths as to how many years I have taught here in Crewe.

As the longest serving member of teaching staff, I believe that is testament to the community and family ethos that we have developed here at The Oaks.  I often get asked, “Did you teach my mum, dad, brother, sister?”  and the answer is probably yes if they were a pupil here.

I began my journey here at The Oaks as a PE teacher, hence my competitiveness and love of sport.  For many years I had a role as a Head of Year taking on the responsibility of the Pastoral care of our students. Part of that role meant I was responsible for the transition of our Year 6 pupils from their primary school all the way through to the end of Year 7. 

In 2016 I made the exciting move upstairs to the Maths Department which is where you will now find me.  In order to make the move from PE to Maths I went back to night school to retrain as a Maths teacher. This goes to show that you can always learn new skills, no matter how old you are.

Through teaching maths, I am passionate in inspiring all our pupils to believe in themselves. To believe that they can do it, that they can achieve and help them strive to be the very best that they can be.

I look forward to working with you as you begin your journey at The Oaks.


Head of Year7, Teacher of Technology

Hello all. My name is Mrs Williams and I am the Head of Year 7 as well as a Teacher of Technology (main subject is food). So, welcome the The Oaks Academy. I know this is going to be a great year for all of us to grow and learn together.

Before I became a teacher, I had the opportunity to hold several very different professional positions over a period of nearly 30 years; where “Pride and Respect” played an important role in being part of very different working communities. These positions varied from being a professional chef, catering manager, President of a students’ union to managing an educational charity; I have even DJ’d in Ibiza. All these opportunities have given me a wealth of experience and knowledge that I  share with the pupils I teach and support.

I started at the Oaks Academy, as a Food Teacher, in September 2013, and have been here ever since; this is testament to how great the school really is. I feel incredibly excited and privileged to be able to work at such a supportive and community focused school.

Teaching here has enabled me to see how our pupils develop and grow; and I am so proud of them when their hard work leads to great accomplishments, they can take with them into the future; striving to make a difference in the support of tomorrow’s decision makers.

I also have the great privilege of being Head of Year 7; the main purpose of this post is to support our Year 7 pupils to develop their own character through the promotion of self-awareness and responsibility; with the aim of instilling high expectation in the conduct and activities our pupils undertake as members of this Academy.

I look forward to working with you all as we together make The Oaks Academy into an academy to be proud of.

Welcome to The Oaks Academy.

CTL Creative Arts, Technology and PE. Teacher of Music & Photography

Having previously taught in two other schools in the area, I joined The Oaks Academy in September 2015. I teach both Music and Photography and am proud to lead the work of the Creative Arts and Technology subjects as the Curriculum Team Leader of the faculty.

What impresses me so much on a daily basis is our ability to work together as a school community to support our students to be the best they can be and build on their strengths and interests.  

Becoming a teacher was always my chosen vocation enabling me to share my enthusiasm and subject knowledge with young people and to inspire future generations. I strongly believe in the value of Creative Arts and Technology subjects and how they help young people to develop their creativity, confidence, communication, team work, resilience and independent learning skills, as well as subject specific skills and understanding.

In addition to the curriculum, our enrichment programme offers a rich and diverse range of opportunities for our students. Opportunities include Choir, Ukulele Band, Drama club, Art and Textiles club, Happy Snappers Photography club, rehearsal opportunities for soloists and ensembles, the National Connections theatre project, the Future Chef competition, the Dot Art competition, an annual Photography competition, concerts, shows, exhibitions and a range of workshops and educational visits.

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