SJ Williams

Head of Year 7

Hello all. My name is Mrs Williams and I am the Head of Year 7 as well as a Teacher of Technology (main subject is food). So, welcome the The Oaks Academy. I know this is going to be a great year for all of us to grow and learn together.

Before I became a teacher, I had the opportunity to hold several very different professional positions over a period of nearly 30 years; where “Pride and Respect” played an important role in being part of very different working communities. These positions varied from being a professional chef, catering manager, President of a students’ union to managing an educational charity; I have even DJ’d in Ibiza. All these opportunities have given me a wealth of experience and knowledge that I  share with the pupils I teach and support.

I started at the Oaks Academy, as a Food Teacher, in September 2013, and have been here ever since; this is testament to how great the school really is. I feel incredibly excited and privileged to be able to work at such a supportive and community focused school.

Teaching here has enabled me to see how our pupils develop and grow; and I am so proud of them when their hard work leads to great accomplishments, they can take with them into the future; striving to make a difference in the support of tomorrow’s decision makers.

I also have the great privilege of being Head of Year 7; the main purpose of this post is to support our Year 7 pupils to develop their own character through the promotion of self-awareness and responsibility; with the aim of instilling high expectation in the conduct and activities our pupils undertake as members of this Academy.

I look forward to working with you all as we together make The Oaks Academy into an academy to be proud of.

Welcome to The Oaks Academy.

Head of Year7, Teacher of Technology

Jon Austin

Head of Year 8&9

Head of Year 8 & 9, Teacher of History

Gemma White

Head of KS4

Having grown as a qualified teacher, from the Grass roots at this school I have been a Teacher of PE at the Oaks Academy for 15 years. I am very passionate about developing skills and techniques in a variety of sports to improve your performance in a game’s situation. I am immensely proud of the pupils that I teach, predominantly in the representation we display against other local schools in fixtures across a range of sporting activities. My passion continues in the delivery of GCSE PE, which then allows our sports enthusiasts to pursue sport in the future, beyond the academy.  

Throughout my years of teaching I have always dedicated the time to develop positive relationships with pupils, both in my form and teaching groups, to ensure that learning can excel. To continue this sentiment, I am privileged to hold the position as Head of Key stage 4, and therefore responsible for the wellbeing and academic achievements of each, and every pupil at some point on their journey at The Oaks Academy. Success is achieved academically via the opportunities and experiences we provide at the academy. 

My most favourite achievement recently has been the promotion of Crewe Alex FC, after a fantastic season, that has been cut short! Up the Alex!!!  

I look forward to welcoming you to the Academy, and more so into the PE family at The Oaks Academy.  

Head of KS4, Teacher of PE